Katarina Elizabeth Miketin Net Worth

Katarina Elizabeth Miketin Net Worth

If you are interested in Katarina Elizabeth Miketin’s net worth, you’ve come to the right place. This model has nearly 426k followers on Instagram and has appeared in several publications, including Maxim and Sports Illustrated. Born in Russia, Miketin moved to the U.S. as a young girl. She has a bachelor’s degree in psychology and served as the president of the National Honor Society. She also recently graduated with a master’s degree in business administration.


The net worth of Katarina Elizabeth Miketin is estimated at $1 million. She has a number of sources of income and prefers to live a simple lifestyle. She is a model, entrepreneur, and anti-bullying advocate. She has also worked with major brands like Makim, M&F Hers, and Sports Illustrated.

Katarina’s professional career has taken her to various countries and she has worked for various brands. She worked for Elizabeth Audrey in South Africa and for Maxim South Africa. She also has experience in the finance industry. She works as a lender in the middle market. She does not disclose the exact amount of money that she has earned.

The net worth of Katarina Elizabeth Miketin is estimated to be at least $600,000. She is 25 years older than her boyfriend, Mike Zimmer. The two are still dating and are not married as of yet.

Relationship with Mike Zimmer

The relationship between Katarina Elizabeth Miketin and Mike Zimmer is one that many fans have been curious about. The Minnesota Vikings coach and model have been dating for several months and recently made their relationship official. However, there is more to the story than just the football coach. Miketin has a successful career in her own right. In fact, she has even been featured on the cover of a magazine.

Katarina Miketin’s age has been a source of much speculation, as her relationship with Mike Zimmer is far from certain. Mike Zimmer is nearly 70 years old, while Katarina is only 39. Although there is a considerable age difference between the two, the relationship has been reportedly going strong for quite some time. The two were first linked in 2018, when Miketin posted a photo of herself wearing Vikings merch at an NFL game. After that, Miketin went on a social media hiatus for two years, but returned to her accounts. This rekindled dating rumours.


Katarina Elizabeth Miketin has a prestigious education. She earned a Bachelors of Arts degree in psychology and later earned an MBA in finance. She also completed a number of courses that help her refine her skills. In addition to her formal education, Miketin has a successful modeling career, with thousands of followers on social media.

She began modeling at a young age and has since worked in the financial industry. Her income comes from brand deals and endorsements. However, she also has other sources of income. As of 2021, her total net worth is estimated to be around $600 thousand dollars.


Katarina Elizabeth Miketin is a single mother who has a daughter from a previous marriage. She is also a wellness enthusiast and runs a wellness website. In addition, she has been featured in magazines. She was recently listed among the top 25 skinny dip models.

Katarina Elizabeth Miketin has earned a sizable net worth so far. She is likely to continue to make money, especially since she has become a popular Instagram influencer. She is currently forty-two years old and may have more income streams to come, as she has already grown her Instagram following.

Katarina Elizabeth Miketin is a fitness enthusiast, anti-harassment activist, and model. She has a large following on Instagram with nearly 426k followers. Her boyfriend, Mike Vicker, is a professional football coach. Their relationship began in early 2019, and the two were soon dating.

Net worth

The net worth of Katarina Miketin is not known publicly. However, she is a model, entrepreneur, and anti-bullying advocate. Her social media accounts are popular with a large number of followers and she has been featured in many magazines and events.

Katarina was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota on November 17, 1982. She is a single mother of a three-year-old daughter. Her earnings are mainly from modeling, social media influence, and her blog. Although she has not publicly shared her net worth, there are rumors that she has an income from these sources. Currently, Katarina is active on Instagram, where she has over 420k followers. Additionally, she follows 360 other users on Instagram.

Katarina Elizabeth Miketin is a supermodel with a massive social media following. She is a popular blogger and has worked for many different companies. Her relationship with her boyfriend, former Minnesota Vikings coach Mike Zimmer, has been rumored to continue into the 2020s. While their relationship has been a secret for quite some time, their love story has made headlines on many occasions.

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