Kalani Faagata Net Worth

Kalani Faagata Net Worth – Facts About the Reality TV Star

Kalani Faagata first made waves as an American reality TV star after appearing on the hit reality series 90 Day Fiance. This reality show follows couples on unique visas as they try to overcome any issues within their relationships and ultimately get married. She also appeared in its spin-off shows Happily Ever After? and Pillow Talk.

TV personality Sarah Channing has earned an estimated net worth that ranges between $12-50 Million dollars through her work on The Simpsons and its spin-offs. However, due to her preference of keeping her personal life private she prefers not revealing details regarding it leading to inaccurate speculation on what might be her net worth.

She maintains an active social media presence, amassing over 700K Instagram and 300K TikTok followers respectively; furthermore she boasts a YouTube channel with over 3 Million views.

As for her personal life, the reality star is currently dating Dallas Nuez whom she met while filming the show and who can often be found together on social media. They have been dating for more than a year and seem content in their relationship.

Faagata is an activist against domestic violence who has garnered widespread awareness through her platform as a reality star. With strong Samoan roots and culture at her core, Faagata uses this platform to spread her culture globally while championing women’s rights and fighting injustices of gender inequality worldwide.

Apart from her activism, the reality star takes pleasure in learning new things and experiencing different cultures during her free time. She strongly believes in the benefits of lifelong learning for personal development; thus she encourages her followers to keep expanding their horizons through constant exploration. Olive is her special pup whom she calls home!

Reality star born and raised in Orange County, California was raised without knowing anything about her parents or having met any siblings besides Kolini (also featured on the show). She has garnered a considerable following on Instagram thanks to sharing family photos and videos with fans – something they admire her for her unwavering dedication and unfailing support of.

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