Johnson Brothers Hearts And Flowers

Johnson Brothers Hearts and Flowers

Alfred and Frederick Johnson acquired the Charles Street Works in Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent in 1883, where they produced durable earthenware they called “ironstone”. Over time their business expanded into producing semi-porcelain (a hybrid between fine china and ironstone ware) as well as decorative pieces and semi-porcelain tablewares for various decorative wares. Due to their success they welcomed Henry as their third brother before Robert joined their ranks; additionally they also ran Hanley Pottery, Imperial Works as well as Scotia Road Pottery located Tunstall as part of their Johnson Brothers business operation.

After World War I, the company continued its development with modern technology allowing for improved quality and faster production times. Furthermore, more factories were acquired to increase capacity and produce an array of patterns.

Johnson Brothers Hearts & Flowers pattern features an iconic Dutch couple motif reminiscent of blue delftware on an Old Granite base, making this vintage set great for everyday use. If you need replacement or additional pieces in this pattern, keep checking this page regularly as we add new inventory – eventually the item you are searching for should appear!

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