Joe Snedeker Net Worth

Joe Snodeker Net Worth

Throughout his life, Joe Snodeker has lived a life of passion. Having grown up with a passion for weather and science, he has had a career in the field, working as a meteorologist and news reporter. He has also been very active in his community, with several charities, including the American Heart Association.

Early life

WNEP-TV meteorologist Joe Snedeker is known for his unique weather forecasts. His science geek cred is well documented and he has contributed to other newscasts as well. WNEP’s meteorologist is one of the most recognized faces in northeastern Pennsylvania.

Joe Snedeker was born in Carbondale, PA and grew up in Simpson, PA. He attended Fell Elementary School and Carbondale Area High School. Joe graduated with honors in the year 1978. He subsequently got a BS in earth science from Millersville University of Pennsylvania. He went on to get a master’s degree in Biology/Environmental Science. He also taught high school science for ten years.

Joe Snedeker’s meteorology career began in 1993 as a part-time meteorologist at WNEP-TV. In 1999, he joined the news team full-time. His wacky style quickly became a hit throughout NEPA. He has also received many awards including a National Weather Service award and the WNEP-TV meteorologist of the year award.

WNEP-TV meteorologist Joe Snedeker has a fairly modest net worth. His salary is in line with the other anchors and reporters at WNEP-TV. He has three children and he prefers to lead a modest lifestyle. He lives in Jermyn, Pennsylvania.

Career as a news reporter and a meteorologist

WNEP – Newswatch 16’s Morning Meteorologist Joe Snedeker is one of the most popular weathermen in northeastern Pennsylvania. He has earned a large following through his engaging and fun forecasts. He has also been recognized as the National Weatherperson of the Year. The award is given based on qualitative evaluation.

Joe Snedeker began his career at WNEP-TV in 1993, serving part-time. He moved to WNEP full-time in 1999. Before he began his career at WNEP, Joe Snedeker taught science at Carbondale Area High School. He graduated with honors and received a master’s degree in Biology. He taught science at Hernia High School for several years, but he stopped teaching after he started his career at WNEP.

Joe Snedeker has three children. He is married to Dawn. He and Dawn live in a modest home in Scranton, Pennsylvania. He is a science enthusiast. He has a passion for teaching and his work. He has used scientific knowledge to build forecasts that are educational and entertaining. He is known for his passion for science and his philanthropic commitment. He raises money through a five-day 100 mile bike ride.

Mission in life

WNEP-TV meteorologist Joe Snedeker is a well known name in the Northeast Pennsylvania area. A few years back he went on a 500-mile bike ride that was aptly named “Go Joe” and raised $628,00 for Saint Joseph’s Center.

Joe Snedeker was born in Carbondale, PA on February 19, 1966. He attended Fell Elementary School and graduated from Carbondale Area High School with honors. He studied Earth and Space Science and graduated with a Masters Degree in Biology/Environmental Science. In 1988, Snedeker landed a teaching position at Carbondale Area High School. He began working at WNEP-TV as a part-time meteorologist in 1993. Eventually, he was offered a full-time position.

He and his wife Dawn have three children. He is currently working on his own business, which utilizes video technology to create films. He also serves as a part-time professor at Marywood University. He also contributes to other newscasts. He has a passion for teaching and loves science.

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