Joe Exotic Blue Shirt

The Mysterious Joe Exotic Blue Shirt

Joe Exotic was once the heart, soul and public face of an enormous private roadside zoo one hour north of Texas. He boasted that it had the largest collection of tigers and exotic animals in America, while living and working there himself – housing over 100 creatures including baby tiger cubs as well as two hybrid tiger-lion hybrids called tiligers.

Joe Exotic was a larger-than-life myth who donned his clothes like one. Although the TV show features his wardrobe of skinny jeans, leather jackets, caps and loud printed numbers from all kinds of prints and textures (paisley sequins tie dye embroidery psychedelia etc) his shirt was what truly defined his signature look – worn often unzipped to reveal an abundant patch of tattooed chest.

The show chronicles Joe’s journey from rural Kansas to building his zoo empire in Kansas City. Along the way he became something of a local celebrity with an ever-increasing fan base who came through his doors, but by season two’s end his world had collapsed significantly: court settlements and lawsuits were going his way, Carole Baskin of Big Cat Rescue Tampa Florida had taken substantial amounts in court settlements from him; furthermore he had been charged with 17 animal abuse charges that resulted in prison time against him;

But when Joe arrived to court for his initial appearance on the first day of his trial in 2019, he looked drastically different. Wearing a suit and sporting longer and more formal hair than at the zoo, as well as carrying a briefcase.

Joe Exotic was not the Tiger King they had seen on television; in fact, this Joe looked as though he had just walked off a runway!

At first, there was only silence from the audience as everyone anticipated hearing what Joe Exotic would have to say; quickly after this however, speculation began rife amongst audience members as word spread of what might come out next. Rumors flew.

Rumors were true – Joe had indeed been charged with various felonies related to his ownership and care of animals at his zoo, including animal cruelty and illegal breeding. Additionally, he had been accused of trying to hire an assassin against one of his enemies; now his trial was about to commence.

Tiger King on Netflix has made Joe Exotic an international icon with his distinctive style, mullet and piercings; even starting to appear on memes! And with an array of eye-catching shirts from Western numbers to magic tiger print lame shirts that have become viral memes; this collection of Joe exotic blue shirt is ideal for channeling your inner Tiger King!

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