Joe Dirt With Hat

Joe Dirt With a Mullet Wig

David Spade’s mulleted, trailer-park-raised loser Joe Dirt has been living out of his car on the highway since he lost his parents in a freak Grand Canyon accident. With a dream of one day finding his parents, the lovable loser hits the road in search of his roots.

The movie is a fun trip down memory lane, with a cast of characters that all look like the kind of people you might run into at a drive-in or a burger joint on the road. It’s a comedy that takes a shot at cliche and stereotypical redneck stereotypes, but it also gets a kick out of them in a way that makes you laugh.

It’s hard to believe that a film as funny as this could be made with a script that doesn’t actually make any sense. The movie is filled with flatulence humor, sight gags centered on excrement, and a few feel-good moral lessons.

Throughout the movie, Joe meets all sorts of crazy characters that he ends up loving and having a great time with. Whether it’s his adolescent girlfriend Brandy (Brittany Daniel) or a mysterious Native American fireworks salesman named Kicking Wing, the movie is full of zany and amusing moments that will definitely leave you laughing.

Joe’s mullet is another comical part of his character that he wears with pride and it helps him stand out from the crowd. There are plenty of mullet wigs out there for you to choose from so you can go with the one that is most suitable for your body type.

You can even get a wig with a chin goatee and mustache to give you that authentic Joe Dirt look. You can also add a Def Leppard t-shirt, some Wrangler jeans and a pair of white sneakers to complete your outfit!

The wig, chin goatee, and mustache are pretty easy to find. If you are going to go with a wig, you should try and find one that is already cut into a mullet style. This will save you the hassle of having to shave your head or cut your own hair.

To complete your look you will need a few items to make this costume complete: A two pocket plaid shirt, Wrangler blue jeans, and a pair of white sneakers. You can also pick up a vintage leather cuff watch to complete the look.

Cosplaying as Joe Dirt is easy and a lot of fun, especially when you are wearing this awesome costume! If you want to add a little bit more authenticity to your costume, you can also purchase a mop that matches the one that Joe used to clean up his mess in the school lunch room.

While the first Joe Dirt movie is not a masterpiece, it is a hilarious and very cheesy movie that has a lot of laughs and you will love watching it again. It’s a film that is sure to make you smile and is perfect for any fan of David Spade.

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