Jesse Jo Stark Bella Hadid

Jesse Jo Stark – The Goddaughter of Cher and Bella Hadid’s BFF

Jesse Jo Stark is a multi-talented queen who effortlessly fills her schedule with creative projects. From singing and fashion design, to being the goddaughter of Cher, as well as best friends with model Bella Hadid. In addition, Jesse Jo is in a relationship with English musician Yungblud; while her music career continues to flourish.

Jesse Jo Stark is the youngest of three children of Richard and Laurie Stark, founders of L.A. rock chic fashion label Chrome Hearts that she now co-runs alongside her mother. Known for incorporating feminine touches into an otherwise tough brand like this one, she created her ‘Deadly Doll’ clothing line which uses Liechtenstein-esque pop art imagery, vintage comic book themes and her own original femme fatale character as its focus – this line became immensely popular with people like Bella Hadid as well as fashion darlings Virgil Abloh and Steve Jones from Sex Pistols as well as opening gigs from Guns N’ Roses on more than one occasion!

As an expert on camera, she has made full use of TikTok fame by posting “cuties” videos featuring her fashion and beauty looks. Additionally, her Instagram following continues to expand quickly; becoming one of the most-followed influencers.

Jesse Jo’s musical career has seen incredible growth over recent years and she is signed to LA-based record label We Are Hear. You might recognize her voice from Yungblud 2020 tracks ‘Tangerine’ and ‘Die Young’ or as part of the video for Strawberry Lipstick; Jesse is an impressive performer who engages audiences through her sultry tones while sharing stories about love, loss and resilience.

Jesse is an unstoppable creative force, and her unique creative genes have proven immensely advantageous to her career. Growing up as the daughter of rock royalty has likely given her an unconventional perspective that has only served to advance her ambitions further. Jesse has always taken risks and pushed boundaries – an approach that seems to resonate well among Hollywood glamouristas and fashion mavens today.

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