Jermell Charlo Net Worth 2022

Jermell Charlo Net Worth 2021

Probably the most well known name in boxing, Jermell Charlo is one of the greatest pound for pound fighters of all time. His career has taken him to several countries and has won numerous awards. He is the current IBF light middleweight champion.

IBF light middleweight champion

Despite his age of thirty, Jermell Charlo is regarded as one of the best boxers in the world. He has won many world titles in different weight divisions. He has a professional record of 34-1-0 (win-loss-draw) and holds a net worth estimated to be $3 million by 2021. He has earned a considerable purse for every fight he has fought.

Charlo turned pro in 2007. In his first fight, Charlo fought for the IBF light middleweight title. He won the fight via a unanimous decision. He then defended the title against Brandon Adams in June 2019.

Charlo also won a fight against Antwone Smith in March 2015. In July, he defeated Deon Nash, which was his first fight against a world-ranked boxer. Charlo fought against Carlos Garcia in October and won a unanimous decision. He also defended the IBF junior middleweight title against Cimmaron Davis in August 2008.

Charlo earned $1 million for his first fight and $750,000 for his second fight against Dennis Hogan. He also received $750,000 for his fight against Jason Rosario. He has also earned an endorsement deal with Reebok. Charlo has also earned a PPV share bonus.

Charlo is a member of the Lions Only Promotions. He is also the owner of his own fitness club. He has five kids with his wife, Shantel Charlo.

Charged with felony robbery in San Antonio

Earlier this month, Jermall Charlo, the unbeaten WBC middleweight champion, was arrested in San Antonio, Texas on three felony robbery charges. Charlo’s attorney defended his client’s actions, arguing that the charge was not warranted.

The incident took place on July 16 in San Antonio. The police report states that Charlo assaulted a waitress after claiming that she had stolen his credit card. The waitress, who was on her way out, said she was injured in the incident. She claimed to have a lower leg injury.

Police officers arrived at the scene at 2:00 a.m., after being alerted by the restaurant that the establishment had lost a debit card. Upon arriving, they found a video surveillance tape that backed up Charlo’s story. In the video, Charlo can be seen looking through the waitress’ bill collection binders, where he had found another customer’s cash payment. He then took his identification from one book, and pulled the cash from the other.

After the waitress told him she had lost her credit card, Charlo said she reacted with frustration. He then argued with her, and threatened to f*** her up. The waitress held onto Charlo’s identification, but the card was declined by the bank.

Charlo said he was upset at the business because he wanted the check presenter to be able to keep her license. Charlo then went to pay the bill three times. The card was declined by the bank, and Charlo later confirmed that it was not a fraud.

Career highlights

Currently, Jermell Charlo holds four major titles. He is the undisputed WBA Super welterweight champion, as well as the WBC junior middleweight title. He is the first person to hold all four major belts in the lightweight, super welterweight, junior middleweight, and super welterweight divisions.

Charlo was 17 years old when he began his professional career in 2007. He has fought 10 times since then, including four in 2010. He has an impressive record of 17 wins and two losses. His first loss was to Tony Harrison, who is now a WBC middleweight champion. Charlo bounced back from that loss with a TKO win against Castano in his next fight.

Charlo went on to defeat Corey Sommerville and Abdon Lozano. In his last fight, he won the IBF super welterweight title. He became the first person to defend the WBA and IBF titles against Castano. He also stopped Denis Douglin in the fifth round.

In the last round of their rematch, Charlo knocked Castano twice. Castano had the higher percentage of punches, but he did not connect on the knockout. Charlo took a lot of exchanges, but he avenged the only loss he had in his career.

The third round saw Charlo flatten Cota with a right hand. He also used the jab as an offensive weapon. He landed 53 of 287 shots for 18.5% of his total output.

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