Jeraldine Saunders Net Worth

Jeraldine Saunders Net Worth

Earlier this week, a famous astrologer and a writer, Jeraldine Saunders, died at the age of 96. Her career included being a renowned writer, astrologer, and celebrity horoscope writer. She was engaged to actor Albert Dekker before her death. Her career has spanned decades and she has written about many topics including her famous book, The Moon.

Celebrity horoscope

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Career as a writer and astrologer

Earlier this year, Jeraldine Saunders passed away at age 96. She was an astrologer, writer and TV show star. She died on February 26. Her death was ruled accidental. She was also the creator of the Love Boat book and television series.

The Love Boat was a TV show that ran for 10 seasons. It was based on Jeraldine Saunders’ 1974 book, Love Boats. She wrote the book to honor her daughter Gail. It was also adapted into a made-for-TV film. It was based on the story of her time as the first female cruise director. It was also the name of a Broadway musical that was based on the book. The show was commissioned by the ABC network. It starred Bernie Kopell.

Jeraldine Saunders was married three times. She was briefly married to Sydney Omarr. She was also married to Russell Phillips. She was engaged to actor Albert Dekker. However, when she discovered Dekker dead in his Hollywood home, Saunders was unable to save him.

Engagement to actor Albert Dekker

‘Love Boat’ creator Jeraldine Saunders has been married three times. Her third husband was Arthur Andrews. He died in 1999. Her second husband was astrologer Sidney Omarr. Saunders married Omarr in 1966. Omarr’s Astrological Forecast column was passed on to Saunders. Saunders wrote an astrology column for the Tribune Co.

Saunders was 89 when she was featured in TLC’s ‘Extreme Cougar Wives’ special. She is also known for writing books. Her book ‘The Love Boat’ was made into a made for TV film by ABC. She has since written two more books. She continues to receive royalties from the “Love Boat” TV show. Saunders has eight grandchildren.

Saunders was a former model and actress who starred in television commercials in her 20s. She also wrote a syndicated astrology column for the Tribune Company. Saunders also created the hit ABC series ‘The Love Boat’. She is now dating Donaldo Monroy.

Saunders was also involved in a homicide investigation. The body of ‘The Love Boat’ actor Albert Dekker was discovered in his Hollywood home by Saunders in 1968. The cause of death was ruled accidental. She then discovered the body of her second husband, astrologer Sidney Omarr, in a bathroom.

Death at 96

Earlier this month, we learned of the death of legendary author Jeraldine Saunders. She died from complications related to kidney stone surgery, which she had undergone in December. Saunders, who was 96 years old, died in her home in Glendale, California.

Saunders is probably most well-known for her book, “The Love Boat.” She had written the book in 1974, and it was later turned into a series for ABC. The show, which ran for 10 seasons, was based on Saunders’ life as a first-time cruise director. The series starred Tom Hanks and David Hasselhoff.

Saunders was also a model and lecturer, and she was an astrologer, a palm reader, and a practitioner of numerology. She also penned a syndicated astrology column.

Saunders was the first woman to be hired as a full-time cruise director for Princess Cruises. She became a national celebrity, and she also broke a gender barrier in the industry. She worked on the cruise line for over ten years, and she sailed on the ships seven days a week, for eleven months of the year.

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