Jennifer Southern Charm Net Worth

Southern Charm Cast Members and Their Net Worths

Bravo’s reality show Southern Charm chronicles the lives of Charleston aristocrats as they live lavish lives full of glamour. Many cast members have amassed enormous wealth through Southern Charm’s popularity; some may have inherited wealth while others may have made names for themselves on screen. As is expected with such reality TV series, there has been its fair share of drama with catfights, accusations of racism, inappropriate behavior or otherwise occurring between cast members.

Kathryn Dennis is no exception when it comes to drama on the show; she faces her own share of challenges – including accusations of infidelity with Thomas Ravenel who she dates intermittently; however, Kathryn maintains she isn’t responsible for such claims and that they simply aren’t true.

She amassed an impressive net worth through both working on the show and from various business ventures, charging an enormous fee to participate. Additionally, she taught fitness at a private gym as a fitness instructor before going public speaking about various charities she was associated with. With an impressive client list and always searching for new clients – she earned this wealth through hard work!

Southern Charm’s upcoming season promises to be exciting as viewers get acquainted with new cast members such as Naomie Olindo, Marcie Hobbs and Austen Kroll – Shep Rose is her cousin and Marcie has amassed wealth through family investments as well as business interests that she participates in.

James is an acclaimed entrepreneur who has founded several successful companies. With an estimated net worth of over $5 Million and having played an instrumental role in supporting his mother’s business ventures to build wealth for himself and himself – his success can be found reflected by an abundance of resources in his personal assets.

Leva Bonaparte stands out as another cast member with significant wealth, thanks to the partnership she shares with husband Lamar and owning several high-end restaurants and bars in Charleston like Republic Garden & Lounge and Bourbon & Bubble. Leva boasts an astounding net worth of $3.6 Million which places her far above some of her castmates.

Whitney Sudler-Smith may no longer be visible on screen, but he remains an integral player behind the scenes. As creator and creator of Southern Charm himself, he boasts an astounding $12 million net worth thanks to both his success in Wall Street as an adult as well as investing himself. No wonder he’s such a major force within Southern Charm; in addition to acting, his investment portfolio also includes various business projects and real estate properties; his beautiful wife Jenna King and two children live nearby! Longtime Charleston, South Carolina residents.

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