Jenni Rivera Plastic Surgery

Jenni Rivera and Plastic Surgery

Jenni Rivera was one of the most beloved faces in Mexican regional music, known for her turbulent life filled with domestic abuse and early marriages that became themes in her songs and helping establish a foundation to assist single mothers, victims of sexual assault and domestic violence, single moms. Her tragic plane crash on December 8, 2012 sent shockwaves through society but her fame and fortune continue to generate significant income even after she has passed on – leaving a powerful legacy within Latin American music today.

Rivera was raised in a musical family and launched her career at an early age. As her father’s heir and owner of her own label Fonovisa, she quickly established herself as one of the premier singers in regional Mexican music; becoming one of its faces here in America as her songs sold well; drawing in fans loyal to Rivera throughout her career.

Though successful, Rivera wasn’t always satisfied with how she looked. To change this appearance, she underwent multiple cosmetic surgery procedures that altered her body. Her initial procedure took place in 2007 when she underwent liposuction to rid herself of extra fat in different areas; Rivera decided to get this done on both her buttocks and abdomen.

In 2010, she underwent her second surgery – a tummy tuck – with the aim of eliminating some stomach fat and flattening out her abdomen. The results were outstanding and left her looking much toned up than before. Additionally, she underwent liposuction of both buttocks in order to shed extra weight.

Rivera underwent three cosmetic procedures. Her first was a nose job to address her dissatisfaction with the appearance of her nose; feeling too long. Rivera’s fourth and final surgery, a facelift, provided more youthful features while helping to give an appearance of more restfulness and rejuvenation.

After Rivera died, her family and heirs created Jenni Rivera Enterprises LLC (JRE), to own her intellectual property and publicity rights. JRE also negotiated nondisclosure agreements with many of Rivera’s friends and family to prevent them from capitalizing on her posthumous fame by disclosing sensitive private information about Rivera posthumously. Her daughter Jenicka Lopez pledged her mother’s privacy with a YouTube video she uploaded on August 5, 2022.

Chiquis Rivera recently made headlines when she revealed she underwent plastic surgery to transform her appearance. Her social media followers were appreciative of this decision. Rivera encouraged Jacqie and Jenicka Rivera, her sisters known for being close, to follow suit; ultimately the trio will compete against one another in fashion industry competitions. Rivera boasts an immense following on Instagram as she collaborated with various brands that provided sponsorship income – even creating her own fashion line!

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