Janis Putelis Net Worth

Janis Putelis Net Worth

Having played a role in several successful television shows, Janis Putelis has become a renowned actor in the United States. He has also earned a net worth of over $15 million. This is a significant amount of money for any actor to have, especially one who has not yet made it to Hollywood.


Apparently Janis Putelis has a net worth of several million dollars. He is a director, producer and producer of a Netflix original series called “MeatEater” and the co-host of the “MeatEater” podcast. He has also co-founded a clothing line with his brother. In addition to directing a Netflix original series, Janis Putelis has also spent a decade as a professional kitchen executive and guide. Aside from his work as a guide, Janis is known for his quiet pursuit of squirrels in the woods. In fact, it was the squirrel that prompted him to make a movie about his adventures. His most recent work is as executive producer of “MeatEater” for Netflix.

Early life

Known for his work on the Netflix original series Meat Eater, Janis Putelis is a director and producer who is involved in the creation of the show. He is also involved with the clothing line Meat Eater, which is a collaboration between him and his brother Paul Putelis. His net worth is estimated at several million dollars.

Born in Michigan, Janis turned to the west after high school to pursue his passion of hunting. After a few years working on ranches in Colorado and Utah, he became a guide. This allowed him to spend more time in the backcountry, and it gave him the opportunity to pursue his love of skiing in the winter. He has also been a fly-fishing guide, and a hunting guide.

After his stint as a guide, Janis decided to pursue his love of the outdoors by starting a clothing line. He enjoys a quiet pursuit of squirrels in the woods, and believes that hunting for meat should be done professionally.

TV show experience

Currently, Janis Putelis is the producer and VP of Netflix’s Meat Eater TV show. She’s been associated with the show since its inception, and her contribution has helped bring the show to life. Having been a hunter herself, she’s also a proponent of hunting for meat professionally.

Obviously, the title of this article is about the MeatEater TV show, but Janis Putelis is a fan of all things outdoors. Her favorite outdoor activity is hunting squirrels in the woods, and she also enjoys hunting for the most part. She has also taken to hunting elk and fly-fishing. She has also been a guide, which has allowed her to earn a bit of money in the backcountry. In addition, she has also branched out into the clothing business, designing a line for her brother. She’s a sassy and smart woman, and she’s definitely not afraid to speak her mind. After all, you’d expect her to know all about the meat that she’s cooking up on screen.

Personal life

Throughout his life, Janis Putelis has had an interest in hunting and guiding. He has worked as a fly fishing guide and an elk hunting guide. He has also been a part of the creation team for the TV series Meat Eater.

The Meat Eater series has been a successful television series for the past seven years. Janis Putelis has been an integral part of the creation team since the show’s beginning. As a result, he has earned a decent amount of money for his work. His net worth is estimated to be at least a few million dollars.

Throughout his life, Janis has had an interest in hunting and a passion for the upper Midwest deer. He started out hunting as a child and then started guiding trips to hunt. He is now an executive producer for the show and also serves as a co-host of the MeatEater podcast. He has also been a guide for fishing trips in Arizona and Colorado for over a decade.

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