Janet Album Cover Poster

Janet Album Cover Poster

Janet Jackson has long been one of the most iconic and influential singers in popular music history, famous for her powerful vocals and ability to bring audiences to their feet during concert performances. If you are an admirer of this superstar singer-actress, nothing better shows your support than by hanging an amazing janet album cover poster!

This High Quality Janet Jackson “Joy Of Sex” Rolling Stone Front Cover 1993 Poster comes in various sizes to brighten any wall! Printed on 230gsm Matte Finish Fine Art Paper, this poster makes the perfect present for music and pop culture enthusiasts!

Our collection of museum-grade prints includes Janet’s most beloved albums, live concert visuals, and stunningly photographed moments – perfect for adding artful flair to your office or bedroom walls! With gallery quality posters from Janet, your walls can come alive!

Janet used this image for the official Velvet Rope Tour poster taken by Rene Elizondo Jr. during their The Velvet Rope Tour in 1997 and released to press in September – it has become iconic to this day!

Major labels were bold to use this image as their tour poster, yet it proved effective and powerful in conveying their message to the public. Furthermore, this image became the blueprint for other female artists using their body to promote themselves and their sexuality in their art work.

Jackson’s 1814 poster became an instant classic due to its powerful statement about society at large and how well it fit with her music. Though label executives initially hesitated using it on albums, Jackson’s fan base loved its impactful message.

Mati Klarwein was responsible for the surrealist art on Santana’s Abraxas and Bitches Brew albums from 1999. According to him, these pieces represent “journeying to find one’s essence”. On Bitches Brew this painting depicts a black Virgin Mary with red wings while Abraxas features an image of a priestess.

Lady Gaga may be best-known for her iconic white wig, but she’s no stranger to defying tradition when it comes to album covers. With The Fame being her fifth studio release and going against the usual norm of blonde locks and blue sleeves LP covers, it was no secret that Lady Gaga’s black-and-white portrait would become such a hit among fans.

The album cover, designed in the shape of an instant Polaroid picture from that era, quickly became a fan favorite and instantly shared online by thousands of fans who created their own versions and posted them.

Thus, this cover has become an iconic icon in pop culture and even appeared in the film ‘Midnight in Paris.’ It truly stands as an unforgettable piece of artwork and will remain dearly dear to every fan for many years to come!

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