James And Jennifer Crumbley Court

James and Jennifer Crumbley to Go on Trial in 2023 for Involuntary Manslaughter

Parents of Michigan school shooter Ethan Crumbley will go on trial in 2023 for involuntary manslaughter related to his killing of four students and wounding seven more, in an attack at Oxford High School located 30 miles (50 kilometers) north of Detroit. Prosecutor Karen McDonald will argue that Ethan Crumbley’s parents ignored his cries for help as well as their son’s unhealthy mental state – ultimately leading them down a path which led him into harm’s way, ultimately leading him into carrying out his actions which resulted in his victims deaths.

McDonald contends that evidence will show James and Jennifer Crumbley grossly neglected their parental duties by failing to protect their son from potential risks posed by him, leading directly to the deaths of three teenagers and injuries sustained by others. She will further assert that James and Jennifer Crumbley lied to investigators and misrepresented their relationship with their son to avoid facing involuntary manslaughter charges. Their attorneys Shannon Smith and Mariell Lehman claim the case against their clients is founded on biased interpretations of facts which do not support criminal charges being laid against them by prosecution.

Prosecutors allege that in the months prior to the massacre, Crumbley told his parents he was experiencing hallucinations-type hallucinations; including hallucinations that involved demons throwing objects around his home and suggesting their neighbors were trying to kill them. Crumbley asked his mother for assistance but she failed to respond, instead opting to spend her time riding their horses instead, according to court documents. His parents reported to authorities their son was depressed following both the loss of his grandmother in Florida as well as loss of one of their dogs.

They had moved from their previous residence to a rural farm where they raised their children, and owned several firearms. Although this family had experienced domestic violence and divorce in the past, they had reconciled several months prior to this shooting incident.

The Supreme Court issued its order to suspend the trial shortly after lawyers for the couple presented new documents they believe will prove that prosecutors mischaracterized their client’s case against them. They argued it would be unjust to have both James and Jennifer Crumbley represented by the same attorney due to potential conflict of interest issues; however, the judge disallowed these claims and will make her decision in writing shortly. Family attorneys have been placed under a gag order and cannot publicly discuss the case, which is currently before the Supreme Court for review and could lead to a new trial date in spring 2023. AP Business Writer Ed White provided this report. FactSet’s real-time quotes are displayed as real time, unless otherwise specified. Both the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ are owned by Nasdaq Inc and all rights are reserved by them. 2022 Cable News Network; All rights are reserved by them for this material which cannot be published, broadcast, rewritten, redistributed without express written permission from Cable News Network; This material cannot be redistributed without written authorization of Cable News Network and all its writers present at court hearing.

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