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Jxdn (aka Jaden Hossler) and Josh Richards Have a New Drama!

When it comes to TikTok stars, jxdn (aka jaden hossler) is one of the most renowned figures in the industry. His social media account boasts over 26 million followers and he’s made a name for himself as an actor and musician as well.

Once upon a time, jxdn and Josh Richards were close friends. In fact, they even collaborated on releasing a song together. But their friendship took an unexpected turn when Nessa Barrett entered the picture.

At this time, many believed Nessa had cheated on Josh with Jaden. This caused a lot of backlash on her social media platforms.

But now she is speaking up and giving her side of the story!

The ‘Pain’ singer recently made an appearance on ‘Call Her Daddy Podcast’ to clear up some of the rumors surrounding their relationship. In fact, she said she regretted dating him as it negatively impacted her social standing with friends. She revealed that before starting this relationship she was struggling with mental health issues which negatively impacted their connection.

No matter what has transpired with her relationship, she still wants them both to be contented. She won’t allow her emotions get the better of her!

Meanwhile, another drama has unfolded on social media. Rumors surrounding Josh and Nessa have once again been spreading. During an Instagram Live, Jaden expressed his distress over seeing his best friend and ex-girlfriend together.

At first, he was confused by the rumors. However, now that his fans have shared some advice with him, it has caused him to pause and consider the situation again.

What he is now saying has some fans questioning whether or not he was wrong in the past. He offered advice that he believes could have contributed to cheating and backstabbing in the past.

He’s cautioning his fans not to discuss situations that do not directly involve them, which could be an indication of something having transpired in the past.

It’s not the first time this issue has come up, but it certainly is the most recent. He had previously run into trouble with the law and was accused of having drugs on him; fortunately, Bryce Hall came to his aid and helped him out.

Josh must find a way to clear his head before moving forward with life. Hopefully, he can find someone who can assist him in the future!

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