Jacob Andreou Net Worth

Jacob Andreou Net Worth

Among the famous actors, Jacob Andreou net worth has been increasing quite rapidly. This is because he is popular for his performance in the TV series, ThinkAkili and also because he married the actress Carly Steel. Moreover, he also has a number of cars, including a Mercedes.

Counting Cars

Counting cars to estimate jacob andreou’s net worth might be difficult. There is no official record of his net worth. But there are many rumors about his wealth. For example, he owns a restaurant and a tattoo parlor. He also owns a large collection of 50 cars and 70 motorcycles.

The Count is also an accomplished musician. He made his directorial debut with the 1994 film aOverride. He is also the owner of a Las Vegas based automobile restoration shop. He has appeared on the TV show Pawn Stars as a recurring automobile expert.

He has also appeared on the TV show Grey’s World. His wife Lyssa Chapman and ex-husband Brahman Galanti have both divorced. He is also the father of three children. He has also appeared in the reality TV show Counting Cars.


Currently, Jacob Andreou holds the position of Vice President of Product at Snap Inc. and lives in the Greater Los Angeles area. He is married to Carly Steel, a British television presenter and actress. The couple tied the knot in June 2020.

Before he joined Snapchat, Jacob Andreou worked at ThinkAkili, a marketing analytics company. He previously worked as a director of product and growth and design engineer. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Computing. During his tenure at ThinkAkili, he served as a configuration engineer and represented Canada at the Fb International Hackathon Finals in Menlo Park. In July 2022, he became the Senior Vice President of Growth at ThinkAkili. He also served as a co-founder of ThinkAkili.

ThinkAkili provides powerful marketing analytics to analyze customer and offline retail interactions. The company offers free analytics and paid analytics. It also offers advertising investigation services.

Marriage to Carly Steel

Earlier this month, Jacob Andreou’s marriage to Carly Steel got the Internet talking. The pair are engaged after spending time together in Paris. The couple got engaged in front of the Eiffel Tower. Andreou slipped a diamond engagement ring on Steel’s finger. The pair then kissed and cuddled over Paris city.

The couple has been spending a lot of time in Europe. They also have been on several romantic trips to Asia. Steel and Andreou have been dating for just over a year. They have made their relationship official on Instagram. Here are some of their Instagram photos from their time in Europe.

Jacob Andreou’s wife Carly Steel shares an Instagram handle, @carlysteel. They have more than 3k followers. They have mostly posted photos on Instagram. They also have an Instagram Live video where they shared some dating news.

Famous weddings

Among the countless famous weddings in history, the one that stood out among the rest was that of Carly Steel and her fiance, Jacob Andreou. The couple went all out with a snazzy wedding in Abu Dhabi, complete with a triple berry cake courtesy of celebrity baker Melissa Eastman. In true Steel fashion, the couple took a break from the festivities to check out the sights.

The couple did not stop there, they even had a mini glitz o’ the moment in the form of a private dinner prepared by Melissa Eastman. The couple was also fortunate enough to be able to sample the best of Abu Dhabi, courtesy of a private jet. The couple’s trip was a real treat, with plenty of pranks and surprises along the way.

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