Ja Rule Album Covers

Ja Rule Album Covers

Ja Rule is a bit of a cult figure. He’s a big name in a little known niche, and his accomplishments are legion. His career was defined by a slew of high profile hits. Luckily for Ja, he was also a savvy businessman, leveraging his success to launch several ventures, from Fyre Festival to an interactive app. During this time, Ja was on the cusp of becoming the biggest rapper in the world.

Ja was not alone in his quest to snare the throne. 50 Cent is a rival competitor. But in the long run, Ja was the one to rule them all. And as luck would have it, he had the most memorable album releases of any artist of the ’90s. Among his many accolades, Ja was credited with releasing the biggest album of all time, based on shipment figures alone. As a result, Ja’s ego was invincible.

One of the more opulent achievements in the Ja Rule pantheon was the creation of the ICONN (incognito oh-so-famous) mobile app. This is a nifty little piece of software designed to provide fans with the best possible experience, while ensuring that no matter what device they use, they’ll have the best possible access to the latest and greatest from the rap superstar. In addition to providing the app’s users with a plethora of entertainment and networking options, the ICONN also delivers a number of interesting facts about the rapper.

Aside from the ICONN app, Ja is also the proud owner of several other notable trophies. For example, he is also the co-founder of Fyre Festival. Additionally, he has a slew of other notable accolades, including two Grammy nominations and two Top Ten albums. It’s also a fact that he was the first rapper to earn a spot in the hip-hop Hall of Fame. At the time of writing, he is currently serving a five year prison sentence for a variety of offenses, but if the rumors are true, he may be set to release a new album in the near future. Regardless of the outcome, Ja Rule has had a storied and exciting career, one that was capped off by a stellar run in 2006. You can follow Ja’s progress by checking out his Wikipedia page.

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