J Balvin Mcdonalds Poster

McDonald’s Announces New J Balvin McDonald’s Menu

After the success of their Travis Scott McDonald’s menu, McDonald’s is teaming up with another well-known singer to unveil another celebrity meal: J Balvin McDonald’s menu will feature Colombian reggaeton star’s favorite order: Big Mac without pickles, medium fries with ketchup and an Oreo McFlurry. Starting Monday Oct 5, this meal will run until Nov 1 and should help reach newer markets. McDonald’s hopes this partnership with J Balvin can reach new younger customers.

Similar to Travis Scott’s meal, this one will only be available at select restaurants. Prices may differ based on location; customers purchasing it through McDonald’s app will receive an Oreo McFlurry as a free bonus item! The aim of this campaign is to encourage more customers to use McDonald’s app as opposed to alternative food delivery apps.

Since J Balvin McDonald’s menu was unveiled, fans have expressed their excitement on Twitter and Tik Tok. Some even recorded themselves at drive-thrus singing his hit single, Mi Gente. The popularity of this meal drove up sales at McDonald’s stores nationwide; so much so, that some ingredients ran out in some areas!

McDonald’s has expanded upon their collaboration with iconic musician Prince by unveiling an exclusive merchandise collection featuring apparel and accessories featuring lightning bolt designs by Prince incorporated with Golden Arches logo and colors. Items will be available both at select McDonald’s stores as well as online and have quickly begun selling out!

McDonald’s and J Balvin joined forces as part of an ongoing effort by the fast-food giant to connect with younger customers, following on the heels of its partnership with rapper Travis Scott which proved incredibly popular among young customers. According to CEO Steve Easterbrook, their joint effort aims at reaching more people aged 11-24 whom it had struggled to attract in previous efforts.

McDonald’s has increased its focus on female-driven content and social activism by teaming up with celebrities. After facing widespread backlash for its treatment of workers, this year the chain has increased efforts to combat sexual harassment as part of a diversity and inclusion initiative, hiring an advisor specifically to manage diversity initiatives and grow profitably.

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