It’s Gonna Take A Little Work Song

Top 10 Songs About Work

There’s a reason songs about work are so popular: they provide motivation and encouragement during long, tough workdays. Listening to music can keep your spirits high during long, tiring hours at the office or from home; listen out for these songs about working.

Charlotte Day Wilson – Work MP3

Looking for an upbeat country song about work? Charlotte Day Wilson’s “Work” provides great motivation when your job seems tedious or monotonous. This song serves as the ideal pick-me-up in times when working is becoming tiresome or draining you of joy.

Dolly Parton – 9 to 5 MP3 Dolly Parton’s timeless song encourages listeners to remain optimistic and strong despite life’s many difficulties, reminding us to remain focused and keep fighting until reaching our goals, regardless of any obstacles along the way.

Kenny Chesney & George Strait’s Shiftwork Lyrics

If you work shiftwork, this song will certainly hit home for you. It describes both how difficult and rewarding it can be to work a full shift and return home to an empty house, as well as its impact on relationships within families.

Cher – Working Girl MP3

Are You A Working Girl? This Cher song will inspire and motivate you to keep working towards what matters to you in life. Listening to it when needing extra motivation to push harder at your job and make more money will keep the motivation flowing!

Dolly Parton – Blue Collar Man (Long Nights) MP3 Here’s another brilliant tune about hard work from Dolly Parton that reminds us to remember that things will get better as time progresses in your career path.

Kid Rock – It’s Gonna Take a Little Work MP3

Spending most of your days working can lead to burnout or boredom, but it’s essential that we remember there’s always an underlying reason behind having to put in hard effort.

As part of your next steps in writing a song about working, we’ve compiled this comprehensive guide for writing one! From creating a lyrical hook and selecting a name to discovering how best to set out the process – our guide is here to assist with songwriting process so that we can produce powerful work-related songs together!

1. Brainstorm Your Ideas

To begin the songwriting process, take some time to brainstorm some ideas for its theme or topic. Think about what resonates with you or motivates you about this subject matter. A clear concept or vision of your song will make writing lyrics much simpler – an often difficult part of songwriting process!

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