Is Jason And Liz Still Together From Ready To Love

Is Jason and Liz Still Together From Ready to Love?

Many Ready to Love hopefuls found love on the reality show, but not all were successful in finding a long-term partner. While some couples lasted years together, others split up after just one season. Many viewers were disappointed when their favorite relationship from the show didn’t last.

Shea Pegues and Michael Anthony

Shea and Michael were a beloved couple on the first season of Ready to Love. On their reunion show in December 2018, Shea announced they had parted ways. A month later, Michael followed suit by entering into another relationship.

Evelyn and David

Evelyn and David were a popular couple on the first season of the show, but their romance didn’t last. She refused to compromise with regards to their wedding plans while her family expressed doubt about their connection. Additionally, there were disagreements during their time on-screen.

Mike and Natalie

After their breakup in season 7, Mike and Natalie tried to make it work, but she couldn’t get her visa to visit her family in Ukraine. Frustrated, the couple was on the verge of divorce until 2020 when Mike organized for his mother to come visit him – eventually leading to marriage between them and a son born to them.

Tarik and Hazel

Tarik and Hazel made an acclaimed couple on the show despite coming from different countries. They met through an international dating website and started a business together, despite facing language barriers, culture shock, and skepticism from friends and families along the way. Despite these difficulties they persevered despite language barriers, culture shock, and doubt from those close to them.

Liz and Jason

Since their success on the show, many fans have asked if they are still together. After all, they often appear together online and have been dating for some time now.

They will also be featured in their own reality show, Battle of the Couples, which airs August 2021 and offers competitions to help couples strengthen their bonds.

Liz and Jason are currently not in a relationship, but they did share some pictures of each other on social media platforms. Both are very active users on Instagram where they enjoy documenting moments from their life.

Jason and Liz

Jason is part of Mission to the World’s Ethiopia ACT ministry team, working alongside Ethiopians and expatriates who are striving for gospel reconciliation in some of Addis Ababa’s poorest communities. Additionally, they run a Bible school for women and youth there as well as leading an Ethiopian elder-planting team.

Jason emphasizes the most desirable characteristics in a partner: honesty, perseverance in pursuit of goals, and spiritual deep-seatedness. He admires Liz for being willing to let him explore every step along the way and discover what works for them. Jason noted they remain abstinent while respecting Liz’s boundaries while she remains in control of making decisions in their relationship.

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