Is Drake On Tiktok

Is Drake on TikTok?

Drake (Drizzy), 6 God or Champagne Papi is one of the most successful artists of recent decades. As a rapper, singer songwriter producer and entrepreneur his music has reached every corner of the globe while his social media accounts allow fans to follow him closely; even his gaming company was launched! Drake has an enormous fan base; it is no surprise he’s so successful; his talent lies in tapping into trends and using them effectively for personal gain – but is he on TikTok?

Drake may not be fond of social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter, yet he still maintains accounts on most major ones. Instagram, Twitter and YouTube allow him to communicate with fans while Snapchat remains private for now; TikTok however has become immensely popular since Drake uploaded one video there back in April 2020 that’s received over 13 million views since.

Drake can be seen dancing to Toosie Slide from 2022, which has reached No.1 on Billboard Hot 100 already and became his third consecutive No. 1 single after God’s Plan and Nice For What. TikTok may have played an influential role here as it offers new artists their first taste of fame on such an unconventional platform as Spotify/Apple Music.

TikTok has become increasingly popular as an arena for dance challenges, which helps propel its popularity among young people who are always searching for the next big move to dance to. Furthermore, mainstream press coverage has acknowledged this phenomenon.

Concerns have arisen regarding this development’s effect on the platform’s community. Some worry that an influx of celebrities and major corporations will erode organic creators’ power while others fear content that is subpar will flood it.

Drake does have an account on TikTok, though his activity on it has been limited to posting one video of himself dancing to Toosie Slide. It isn’t clear why he doesn’t use it more often: He could share videos documenting his musical-making process or collaborate with other users; also use it to promote new songs or projects using its creative personality and imaginative style – something his fans would probably find engaging!

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