Instructions For Lego Police Car

Instructions For the LEGO City Police Patrol Car

If you have been looking for instructions for the LEGO City Police Patrol Car, then you have come to the right place. In this article, you will find the instructions for building the police car, as well as a review of the set. We will also discuss some of the common questions that you might have when building this set.

FAQs about the Lego City Police Patrol Car

The LEGO City Police Patrol Car is a model of a police car, complete with a removable roof, minifigure cab, and iconic decorations. It measures over 4″ (12 cm) long and over one inch (5 cm) wide, and includes two traffic cones and a police officer minifigure.

Building instructions

If you have a Lego police car set, it’s possible to find building instructions on the Internet. You can search by theme or set number to find specific instructions. The instructions include a step-by-step guide and photos. You can even search for a specific set by name! However, be aware that not all sets include instructions.

The 60239-1 Police Patrol Car building instructions contain detailed instructions for constructing this police car. This set features a sporty, ground-gripping police car with wide fenders and tires. The set also includes a police officer minifigure. The instructions provide step-by-step pictures for building the car. The instructions can be viewed on a computer or on an app with zoom and rotate tools.

Using the app on your smartphone will make the instructions more accessible and fun. The app is available for Android and iOS devices and allows you to search for building instructions and save them on your phone. The app has proven to be a hit with children, particularly in Germany. The application’s popularity led to a promotion where local Lego stores held a promotion each month for the monthly mini model.


LEGO’s City Police Car is a fun and educational toy that comes with a minifigure police officer. This model has flared fenders and wide rims, as well as cool headlights and a flashlight. It’s ideal for children five and up, and features interactive digital construction instructions and an illustrated construction guide. The toy comes with a variety of tools and parts that will help you build it quickly and safely.

The set contains two stages. The first stage starts with removing the roof and revealing the vehicle body. There are several stickers included with the set including number plates and police decals. It also includes two brick-built traffic cones, and a minifigure wearing a police uniform with printed details. The minifigure is blue with plain legs.

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