Infinity Mirror Car

The Infinity Mirror Car Mirror

The Infinity mirror is a new style of car mirror. It eliminates the traditional bezel that surrounds the mirror’s perimeter and extends only 1 inch beyond it. The result has a futuristic appearance. It also eliminates any obstruction to the forward view. The buttons that were usually found on the bezels are replaced with touch-screen-style buttons on the glass surface.

The reflective material is usually made from point-source or LED lighting. These lights are placed at the edges of the fully reflective mirror, which is located close to the two-way mirror. When viewed from the outside, the infinity mirror creates the illusion of a long tunnel of lights. It is opposite to a traditional parallel mirror that bounces light into space indefinitely.

The infinity mirror is also a great accent piece for a home. The infinity mirror is available in both framed and unframed options. It’s a unique and attractive way to decorate walls. They add an eye-catching look to the room and can be a conversation-starter. It can make any room appear larger and allow for more natural light to enter.

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