Inday Roning Net Worth

Inday Roning Net Worth – Filipino-American Vlogger and Housewife

Among the famous Filipino-American vloggers and social media celebrities, Inday Roning is a household name. She is a digital content creator who posts videos on YouTube and Facebook. She also hosts HGTV. Her most popular video has over 52k likes in 11 months, with over 3.24 million views. Besides being a vlogger, Inday is also a housewife and cook. She has two kids. Her net worth is estimated to be around P75,000 a month. Inday is one of the fastest-growing content creators on the digital platform. She also has a personal blog that is published on her website.

Inday Roning started her career on Facebook in 2021. Her first video was uploaded on February 21, and it earned 23k views. She also has a second YouTube channel with 200k subscribers. Inday has also been featured on a number of other social media platforms, such as Instagram and Twitter. She is known for her trash picking videos, and her vlogs are usually in the Filipino language. She also adds English subtitles to her videos.

Inday Roning is a Filipino-American vlogger and housewife. She lives in Palm Beach, Florida, and is a part-time driver. She is married to an American man, and they have two children. She has worked at Superbalita Cebu and West Bank. She is also an actress and has a degree from the Ceby Institute of Technology. She is very proud of herself and enjoys homemaking. She is a household expert and a part-time dumpster diver. She has millions of followers across her social media accounts. She has over 1.2 million followers on Facebook, 146k subscribers on YouTube, and 40k followers on Instagram.

Inday is also a pet nanny, and a driver. She has been married to an American man since 2021. She studied at the Ceby Institute of Technology, and was born in Cebu City, Philippines. She is currently based in Florida, where she lives with her husband, two children, and a dog. Inday Roning is the daughter of a retired Filipino teacher. She is a vlogger, a social media influencer, and a housewife. She makes all of her videos in the Filipino language, and she has many subscribers on both YouTube and Instagram. Her most popular video is entitled “Basura Nangangalkal ng Basura” and it has over 52k likes in the first eleven months of its release. She is also known for her Pet Nanny series. She has also made a number of videos about pet nannies, including “How to Survive Your Pet’s First Winter” and “How to Survive Your Pet’s Second Winter.” Inday also makes videos on a number of other topics. She is a digital content creator and a housewife. Her most recent video on YouTube is titled “How to Survive Your Pet’s Newborn.”

The majority of her YouTube videos are about her life as a housewife and a dumpster diver. She has over 146,000 YouTube subscribers and 891,000 Facebook fans.

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