In Pll Does Aria Get Pregnant

Pretty Little Liars – Will Aria Get Pregnant Again?

Many fans wonder what will happen to Aria Montgomery in Pretty Little Liars. Her pregnancy has been one of the most talked about storylines in the series. In fact, many fans have speculated whether or not she will get pregnant again in the future. The show also revealed that Aria is pregnant with Ezra Fitz’s baby.

However, it’s unclear how Aria will deal with her relationship with Ezra. Some believe that she might have an abortion after she gets pregnant with his child. Others think that she might choose not to have children. For others, the pregnancy could be a huge surprise. Whatever she decides to do, however, she’s sure to experience a variety of emotions.

As for Aria, her pregnancy isn’t the first time that she has had to worry about her baby. A few years earlier, her best friend, Alison, was forced to have an abortion after Detective Wilden got her pregnant. She also got arrested three times, but eventually lost her virginity.

The two have been dating since Aria was 16. When they started dating, Ezra was a teacher and Aria was a student. They were going to get married and adopt a child together. He was upset because he didn’t know that she was pregnant.

Aria has returned home to Rosewood, having recently traveled to Iceland. Her parents, meanwhile, encourage her to connect with her old friends. At the same time, she’s been hired as a helper to the “A.D.”.

But when Aria arrives back in Rosewood, she encounters a man named Ezra. They meet at a Bar and Grill, and soon they begin hooking up in the bathroom. After being threatened by A., Aria tells her friends that she has met Ezra.

Before long, the two become very close. Aria becomes Ezra’s best friend. During the course of the series, they even adopt a baby girl, Katherine Ella.

Although Aria is excited about her new life with Ezra, she doesn’t want to have a baby without him. Luckily, Aria’s father is willing to support her decision. This is especially true when Ezra asks her to leave the country for a while.

Though Aria and Ezra’s relationship isn’t over yet, there are a few things that she and Ezra need to do in order to tell their friends and family. First, they need to find a way to tell them that they’re not alone.

Once they have their baby, they need to decide how to raise it. They have plans to look into adoption agencies after their honeymoon.

However, their relationship may end sooner than they would like. If Aria were to have an abortion, she would most likely feel guilt and sadness. That’s why she wanted to make sure she wouldn’t have children on her own.

Lastly, while Aria and Ezra’s pregnancy has been discussed in the show, it’s not always addressed. Fans wondered how the pregnancy happened and whether or not it would be addressed in the series.

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