I Love Staten Island Hoodie Snl

Pete Davidson Wears an “I Love Staten Island” Hoodie on Saturday Night Live

On Saturday Night Live, Pete Davidson showed his affection for Staten Island with a joyful tribute. Donning an “I 3 Staten Island” hoodie, the singer talked fondly about its many bagel spots and pizza joints along the way; he even mentioned the flock of wild turkeys that roam freely outside a local hospital.

Davidson then recruited rapper Big Wet and Staten Island legend Method Man to help him bring the song home. Both artists expressed their admiration for where Wu-Tang Clan first started, with Davidson adding an additional Staten Island personality: Chris the Hobby Guy.

This sketch, which parodied Marc Cohn’s 1991 hit “Walking in Memphis,” featured a brief cameo appearance from the musician who initially declined to join in. However, he eventually donned his own “I 3 Staten Island” shirt to join Davidson and Big Wet as they all rapped along together.

Staten Islanders were joined by Wu-Tang Clan’s Method Man for a night of fun that included him jumping aboard a boat to drink White Claw at Bootleg’s Bar. Additionally, Davidson played the piano as they sang about “80 bagel spots” and pizza places on every block.

Staten Island resident Rick Davidson has often paid homage to his hometown, but this musical number took his affections for Staten Island to new heights.

Davidson and a few of his friends engaged in an entertaining musical sketch, reflecting on all that makes Staten Island unique. From its endless bagel shops to the garbage dump visible from space, Davidson had plenty to say while wearing his “I 3 Staten Island” hoodie.

He even commented on the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge, noting that it is “actually pretty wide.” Additionally, Chris gave a nod to Chris the Hobby Guy and Method Man for joining him for some white claws at Bootleg’s.

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