Hudsonville Ice Cream Gluten Free

Hudsonville Ice Cream Is Gluten Free

Hudsonville Creamery has long been beloved in Michigan. A family-run business located in Holland, Michigan produces their ice cream which is sold throughout the Midwest as well as certain locations on the East Coast.

The Creamery is known for their commitment to food safety and cleanliness. Their products are produced on site using dairy from local cows. Their meticulous attention to allergy concerns includes maintaining an allergen matrix; all their ingredients are manufactured together but special care is taken in distinguishing those containing allergens from those that don’t; training programs are offered for scoop shops on how best to serve customers with allergies.

All of their products are created following time-honored family recipes that have been passed down for generations, with classics such as orange pineapple, butter pecan, and tutti frutti being popular choices among customers. Furthermore, Mackinac Island Fudge, Grand Traverse Bay Cherry Fudge and Tiger Traxx are just a few specialty flavors inspired by various parts of Michigan and its culture that set them apart as unique brand.

As an added benefit, many of their ice cream flavors are naturally gluten free; however, some baked mix-ins do contain gluten due to being grown near each other in adjacent fields and processed on shared equipment. It is crucial that anyone living with coeliac disease carefully read through ingredient and allergen statements prior to purchasing any frozen treat from this store.

Although most ice cream flavors from major brands are gluten-free, it’s still important to read labels thoroughly to be certain. Any product with “may contain” statements for wheat, rye, Khorasan wheat (kamut), barley or triticale should be avoided; additionally any add-ins such as chocolate sauce or sprinkles could contain gluten as well. When dealing with celiac disease or severe food allergies it is advisable to seek professional medical advice immediately.

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