How To Say Princess In Japanese

How to Say Princess in Japanese

When speaking with members of the Japanese royal family, their titles are addressed first followed by their last names; this applies both to modern Japanese royalty as well as feudal-era nobles such as Princess Kako who is known by Ji san and Prince Hisahito who is Tian Jin.

People often make the mistake of forgoing honorific prefixes when speaking with people of lower social standing, believing it to be disrespectful and impolite to do so in Japan. Remembering this fact may save some embarrassment when dealing with Japanese.

Princess in Japanese is called (hime), which can be pronounced as hee-mi-toh. This term derives from (hime ni) which translates as “princess of this country”. When speaking about princesses it is polite to add the honorific “san” when speaking about them politely.

As part of their learning Japanese, those looking to start writing words should find templates of hiragana and katakana and trace over them while saying the letter out loud. Once comfortable with this, try writing complete words using Kana.

Some females prefer being addressed as “kun” instead of “san”, which is completely acceptable and particularly popular with younger students or coworkers. Your decision on this matter ultimately rests with each individual as well as with organization policy.

An understanding of Japanese can open doors to better communication with friends, colleagues and business partners. To speed up your learning of this ancient tongue check out Language Drops’ user-friendly app – Language Drops makes learning fun and quick!

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