How To Make Your Garden Ready For A Hot Tub Event

There are many things you can do in your garden to prepare it for a hot tub party. To create a pleasing appearance, you will need to get rid of any grass and plant native plants. A landscaper or garden center can help you decide which plants will be best. You can also use concrete blocks to create raised tables and benches.

Landscape Lighting Enhances Hot Tub Experience

Lighting around your hot tub can make all the difference in how you feel about your soak. A relaxing atmosphere can be created by the right combination of colors and workmanship. Before you can decide on the best light configuration for your outdoor space, it is important to decide on the overall theme or mood.

The Hot Tub Is Protected From The Elements By The Use Of Hedges

There are several options for shielding the hot tub from view. You have two options: you can either fence the hot tub off or put up a privacy screening. Both options require your neighbor’s consent and must be placed on the property line. You can also use a shade sail, which blocks the sun and protects the hot tub.

Concrete Base

A hot tub needs a strong and stable base, and the best choice is a concrete slab. However, you should remember that a concrete slab is permanent and requires a professional to install. A permit may be required in certain areas to install concrete slabs because they are permanent changes to a property. If you do decide to DIY the process, use a ready-mix crack-resistant concrete mix.


If you’re planning a hot tub event in your garden, it’s a great idea to deck it up for the occasion. You can use decking or stone flooring. Stone flooring is more budget-friendly, but decking can be pricey depending on the material and how much space you need covered. Some gardeners are building around their hot tubs, including steps leading to a seating area at the edge of the water. This will give your guests a place to relax without having to walk too far to get in.


Twinkling lights and other decorative elements can make your backyard a hot tub paradise. Use Christmas lights, tiki lamps, lanterns, and candles to create an inviting atmosphere. If you’re looking for additional privacy, you can install a privacy fence. To create a private area for your hot tub, you can purchase a variety of shrubs and bushes.

Pre-Made Base

A concrete slab is a solid and durable base for a hot tub party. A ready-mix concrete mix is an option if you don’t have the budget to hire a professional to put in the slab. It is cheaper, long-lasting, and durable.

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