How Tall Is Shep Rose

How Tall is Shep Rose?

Shep Rose is a celebrity and reality television star who hails from Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. He is known for his appearance on the popular show Southern Charm. The show focuses on the lives of the young elite in Charleston, South Carolina.

Shep Rose is not only an actor but is also a entrepreneur. He has a business and a large following on social media platforms. His Instagram feed is filled with pictures of him and his friends. This includes his pet dog Craig.

Although the actor is not yet well-known, he has become an overnight sensation due to his role on Southern Charm. In fact, he earned a lot of money through his show. For example, he is paid a salary of $25,000.

In addition, Shep Rose is the nephew of former S.C. Department of Public Safety Director B. Boykin Rose. Thus, the famous TV star has a privileged background. On the other hand, he has an arrest record. One of his previous cases was for public intoxication in Redwood City, California.

Shep Rose is a very intelligent child. However, he chose a career different from his family. It took him a while to make his first Tv appearance. At the age of 34, he made his debut on a reality show called Southern Charm. Since then, he has appeared in several other shows, including Reprisal (2017) and Summer House (2017).

Shep Rose is a very handsome guy. He has light brown hair and brown eyes. Moreover, he has a slim body and a height of 175 cm. He wears an 11 shoe size.

Apart from being an actor, he has a very good social media presence. He has a huge following on Instagram and has posted a number of funny videos on this platform. Also, he is a fan of yoga and long walks. Moreover, he has a car.

Shep Rose’s mother is from a rich family. Her paternal grandfather was a wealthy international steel businessman. Meanwhile, her father was a successful lawyer. They have a house in Charleston, South Carolina. But despite this, they all work in the law department.

During his youth, he had a crush on Taylor Green. Their relationship went on for two years. After a while, they broke up. Despite this, they continued to be friends. When asked about their relationship, Green revealed that they are not together anymore.

As for his height, Shep Rose is only a little over six feet. To give you an idea, his sister is a bit taller than him.

He has a very handsome smile and facial features. His cheekbones are quite prominent. Additionally, he has a great hair color. Interestingly, he has a sonorous laugh. Besides, he has a very large following on Facebook and Twitter.

Shep Rose has a net worth of $2 million. Most of his money has been made through his acting. Nevertheless, he has a nice family and good friends.

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