How Do You Say Rachel In Spanish

Pronunciation of Rachel in Spanish

Spanish Pronunciation

Rachel is a girl name of Hebrew origin that means “ewe”. It became increasingly popularized in the United States, Ireland, and France during the sixteenth century as Christians sought to distinguish themselves from non-believers during the Protestant Reformation.

Rachel in English

Rachel was a popular name in the United States and United Kingdom during the twentieth century, but is now used around the world. With Biblical roots, it also means “Battle Counselor”.

This name has always been closely related to the French Raquel, an anglicized version of this elegant given name. Although slightly Englishized from the old Hebrew Rachel, this spelling remains popular today as a preferred variant for this graceful choice.

Pronunciation of Rachel in German

Rachel is a Christian baby girl name and you can check how to say it with our audio file. Additionally, we offer pronunciation lessons in various languages like Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Czech and Polish so that you can perfect your pronounciation of this name correctly.

Pronunciating Rachel in Italian

Pronouncing Rachel is an easy and accurate task. Our audio files will teach you how to say this name correctly in various languages such as German, Dutch, Irish and more – making learning how to say Rachel a breeze!

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