How Did Cole Swindell’s Mom Die

Country Music Star Cole Swindell Pays Tribute to Mother Betty Carol Rainey

During his show on Saturday in Mansfield, Massachusetts, country music star Cole Swindell performed a surprisingly poignant homage to his late mother, Betty Carol Rainey. Apparently, her death wasn’t as shocking as his own in 2013. This occurrence came eight years after the death of his father, William Keith Swindell, who passed away unexpectedly in 2013.

In an interview with Pop Culture, Cole Swindell cited his mother as a major influence on his career, and even wrote a song about her in honor of her. He also said that he hasn’t forgotten the support he received from his mom. She was there for him when he was struggling to make it as a country artist. As a result, he has made it to where he is today.

Although Cole didn’t reveal any details on his mother’s death, he did tell fans what he thought heaven looked like. And he made a good point. The sun actually did shine over the clouds, according to the photos he posted on Instagram. A photo of his mother in the background was also featured during the No. 1 party for his hit single “Chillin’ It.”

On Tuesday, Cole announced that his mother had passed away on Monday, September 13. She died in the early afternoon, but he didn’t reveal what exactly caused the passing. Luckily, he had no trouble continuing his tour after her death. His mother was in hospice when she passed, and he says he went on to perform in front of a sold-out crowd three days later.

One of the best things about the death of a parent is the opportunity to spend some quality time with your family. Thankfully, Cole Swindell was able to do this on the last day of his tour. Before he departed for Georgia, he told his fans that he would be back for more shows in the coming weeks. However, he has been battling a health crisis.

Despite his mother’s passing, Cole still plans on performing as part of Thomas Rhett’s Center Point Road Tour, which starts on Thursday in Syracuse, NY and runs into fall. He hasn’t forgotten the support he’s received from his mom, and he’s been humbling himself in the process. Besides, he wants to take the weekend off so he can be with his fans, and he’s doing so with the help of Thomas Rhett.

Cole Swindell has been credited with the creation of some of the more notable songs in country music, such as “Ain’t Worth the Whiskey,” which was featured on the No. 1 party of Cole’s song “Chillin’ It,” and “You Should Be Here,” which was written about his father’s passing in 2013. Other notable entries on the list include the song “Me and You,” which was released two years ago, and the clever “Stay on my Clouds,” which was featured on his fourth studio album Some Things.

Having lost his father to a truck accident when he was just 18, Cole was also in a tough place. But, the singer said that he had no intention of leaving his fans behind, and he was adamant that he wanted to continue his tour.

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