Houston Astros 2000 Jersey

The Houston Astros 2000 Jersey Is In Good Condition

The Houston Astros 2000 jersey is in decent condition. It has a couple of small spots, but they don’t impact its overall look. Whether you are looking for a new shirt or a throwback, this is a great option. However, if you are looking for a true XL, you may be looking for something else.

As the Houston Astros entered a rebuilding period, their uniforms began to change. They became the first team to deck themselves out in pinstripes. This was not without controversy, as some people felt it was a reflection of the less successful Chicago Cubs. Others, however, saw it as a reflection of the famous New York Yankee dynasties.

The Astros also changed the way the jersey script was written. The original logo had an italicized tilt on the left side. In the 1980s, the logo was written in script lettering. Eventually, it went from a horizontal to an elongated brick outline.

Another notable feature of the Astros’ uniforms was the “shooting star” graphic. The star was a large navy star surrounded by three orange motion lines.

During the tequila sunrise uniform era, the star was only worn at home games. The player’s number was written in red under the team name. Other than that, the tequila sunrise jersey was featureless.

The Astros were also the first team to wear a baseball cap with a black and white “H” over an orange star. These caps were worn for almost 30 years. Some fans called them the “Astros Caps,” and others considered them to be the “McLane Caps,” based on Drayton McLane’s grocery distribution company.

By the 1990s, Craig Biggio had become an everyday catcher for the Astros. His career was on track to be one of the greatest in the history of the organization. He became the franchise’s all-time hits leader and hit his 3000th hit in a game against Aaron Cook. During his career, Biggio won the NL All-Star Game MVP award in 1998 and retired after the 2007 season.

Despite the high-profile stars and the success of the Houston Astros, their uniforms have seen a lot of ups and downs. Although they have won two postseason series during their first three seasons, they won just 100 games during the next nine seasons. Their uniforms have also suffered back-to-back bad seasons, including a 100-loss season in 2007.

After the tequila sunrise jerseys were phased out, the Astros uniforms became the most elegant in the organization’s history. Initially, they were inspired by their new ballpark, which is located at the former site of the railroad depot at Union Station. Ultimately, the Astros decided to stick with the team’s name.

When the Astros moved to Minute Maid Park in 2000, their uniforms also shifted. Instead of a rainbow pattern, the Astros went with a road grey and black scheme. A Texas sleeve patch was also added to all jerseys.

Several players had been wearing Astros uniforms, including future Hall of Fame right fielder Rusty Staub. Also, future Hall of Fame center fielder Jimmy Wynn was also wearing the Astros’ uniforms.

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