Hotvils Car

Hot Wheels Car Series

The Hot Wheels car series evolved from traditional plastic cars to vehicles that have real working engines. While the original Hot Wheels cars were made from Mattel’s Spectraflame colors (which are still available in mainstream versions), today’s mainstream models come with solid enamel colors. Hot Wheels’ Modifighters series features cars named Streetwyse and Skullface. The series also includes Mr. Big, Modifighter and Double Header, which Paul Tam and Larry Wood co-designed.

Hot Wheels is a scale model car brand that was first introduced by Mattel in 1968. Up until 1997, Hot Wheels was the primary rival to Matchbox, which is now owned by Hasbro. Hot Wheels were designed by Harry Bentley Bradley, an automotive designer. Bradley’s 1968 Chevrolet C-10 fleetside inspired the Custom Fleetside concept car. Hot Wheels also makes the Splittin’ Image, Turbofire and Twin Mill.

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