Hide A Key Under Car Magnetic Key Case Large Black

How to Hide a Key Under a Car

If you are looking for a convenient way to hide a spare key, you can use a Hide-A-Key magnetic key box. These boxes are made of a durable material that will not rust and keep your spare key right at your fingertips. The Hide-A-Key is a 1.75″ x 4.25″ magnetic key box, so you can place it under the car without fear of it getting lost.

HY-KO Large Secret Hide-A-Key Magnetic Key Holder

The HY-KO Large Secret Hide-a-Key Magnetic Key Holder is a handy magnetic box that keeps spare keys safe and secure. It features a slide-open lid and strong magnets on the back. This box will not rust or break and is durable enough to hold a large rubbed-headed key. This key holder is great for hiding spare keys because of its large size and durability.

The key case measures approximately 3-1/4″ in diameter and has a large rubber head that can accommodate five or six large keys. The case is available in a gold or silver color and can be used on any magnetic surface, such as a mailbox. It is a great way to keep your keys organized and secure during long trips. The case can also hold most of your home keys.

Locking magnetic key holder

A locking magnetic key holder for your car is a great way to keep your car key and spare safe. They are small enough to tuck under the car and are effective at keeping your car key and spare hidden. They come in different sizes, so you can find the right one for your car.

Before buying a magnetic key holder for your car, you need to consider your budget and needs. If you have a tight budget, consider purchasing a cheaper model. Also, check for customer reviews online to determine which type of magnetic car key holder is best for you.

Tire well

One way to hide a key under a car is to hide it in the tire well. While this is not the most effective hiding place, it will do the trick for short periods of time. Tire wells with large gaps will not work well for this solution. This method works best for low-profile vehicles, such as sedans or sports cars. In these cases, the wheel arch will hide the top of the tire and prevent the key from being seen.

A better option is to place the key in the trunk or inside the car. In this way, the key can be hidden without the owner’s knowledge. However, this method is not foolproof, and you can always lose it while driving. Some people even use a magnetic key holder to hide their keys under the car.

Power meter box

The power meter box is a safe place to hide a spare car key. Most people install them outside their house. Its reputation as a secure object has led many to believe that putting your spare key in the power meter box is safe. It is possible to hide a spare key inside, but you must be careful to avoid damaging any electrical wires or wireless.

Dryer vent

Dryer vents are a great way to hide your spare car key. You can place the key on a magnetic ledge on the exterior of the vent. You can also place a small thermometer there. This way, your key will be protected from being stolen.

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