Henry Cavill Hair Loss

Henry Cavill Copes With Hair Loss

Henry Cavill has long been in the limelight as an actor, yet is also an attractive man with an attractive jawline and muscular physique. Unfortunately, though he may not yet be fully balding yet, he does suffer from male pattern baldness with receding hairlines that make him self-conscious at times – but there are solutions available to him to keep his head high even as temples start to thin out.

He rose to fame after appearing in Zack Snyder’s 2013 film Man of Steel. His portrayal of Krypton’s son earned critical acclaim and fan appreciation, yet as he approached 30s his hairline began receding more rapidly, even with efforts made at concealment by trying not to notice.

Cavill is fortunate that his hairline seems to have stopped receding since then; although not having thick locks in Hollywood, his gray locks help prevent him from looking completely bald. Furthermore, his full beard and moustache provide additional cover against his thinning locks, though when necessary he can always go for the shaved look.

However, we still think he looks great no matter the results of any tests or procedures he undergoes in the future. He still has an impressive jawline, great skin tone and overall chivalrous attitude which should serve him well no matter the extent or form of his future balding experience. Plus he recently demonstrated in Sand Castle his skill for rocking shaved heads; should his hairline start creeping back up again we are confident he will find ways to conceal it!

Henry Cavill will remain busy while the DC universe undergoes massive change, with movies like Argylle and Highlander. Additionally, he’ll reprise his role as Superman for an upcoming DC film and star in director Guy Ritchie’s spy thriller Spectre.

In the meantime, take a look at our favorite photos of Henry Cavill with full locks! Or if you’re experiencing your own hair loss concerns, explore some of our best treatments that can help ensure that no matter what changes occur with your own head of hair, you will still look your best no matter the situation.

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