Harry Styles Dorothy Boots

Harry Styles Wears Dorothy Boots For His Halloween Concert

Harry Styles took a magical journey down the yellow brick road this weekend when he donned his Dorothy Gale costume from 1939’s The Wizard of Oz at one of his two Halloween concerts in New York City’s Madison Square Garden. The singer looked adorable in costume as the beloved character from his shows at Madison Square Garden and met some adorable fans along the way!

He donned a blue gingham dress and sparkling ruby red boots designed to look like Dorothy’s beloved ruby slippers, according to Footwear News. These illusion boots were custom-designed by Gucci’s Alessandro Michele with additional sparkle for extra glitz.

Fans were thrilled with Styles’ look, and photos of him wearing it while singing songs from his 2019 album Fine Line were shared on Instagram. He was joined by the band members who also went along with the theme by dressing up as Lion, Glinda the Good Witch and Tin Man respectively.

Styles completed his ensemble with rouged makeup and a basket holding a stuffed Toto dog. As per fan videos, the singer seemed to enjoy himself while onstage as he quipped: “I’m cute” while performing.

Styles loves fashion and enjoys experimenting with it. Whether it’s a dress or skirt, he always finds a way to make his ensemble look stylish and individual.

Styles made history as the first man to appear on the front cover of Vogue wearing a full Gucci gown, inspiring many to feel free and confident about their clothing choices. Additionally, he launched his own beauty brand called Pleasing that offers “life” products.

He’s a true trendsetter, and it shows in his costumes. The pop star often sports skirts or dresses that look stunning. Additionally, he appreciates bold patterns and prints as well as bold color combinations.

His eclectic style has earned him a following among fans and online stylists, with requests to get him dressed seeing an annual increase of 160% during his tour dubbed “Love On Tour.”

In an interview with NPR, Styles shared his desire to stay true to himself while performing. He stated, “I want people to see me as a normal person – not just a singer. This is something that’s very important to me.”

His love of fashion has also spurred him to collaborate with designers and brands such as Gucci. A longtime admirer of the Italian label, he was even seen wearing a cobalt blue version of their signature jacket during the 2019 Met Gala.

So it was no shock that he made his own fashion statement during his 2021 Halloweekend show and the audience was definitely impressed. In fact, he even surprised them by singing Judy Garland’s iconic song from 1939: “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” at Madison Square Garden on Saturday.

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