Happy Birthday Vinny Images

Happy Birthday Vinny Images

Deena is planning a surprise for Vinny on his 35th birthday! When he enters his room expecting some kind of party or celebration, however, he’ll discover instead that Deena had just pulled a prank on him!

He asks his coworkers to wish him a happy birthday, and they simply give him an uncaring glance. This disappoints Mike greatly as he was hoping for an extravagant party at the Shore Store. Mike then mentions his freedom party which makes him even more incensed that everyone else seems more excited than him about attending it.

The episode will also highlight Mike’s comeback fight with Pazienza. Following his car accident in Warwick, Rhode Island he was told he would never fight again; yet, after an incredible comeback that included beating one of the world’s number-one fighters (Walter Pazienza) his next win earned him viewers’ votes as best fighter on a reality show!

Angelina Pivarnick will find herself facing drama with her new man. It will be interesting to see whether they can make things work; Angelina has had difficulty keeping relationships alive on the show in the past.

Vinny Dingle’s life has been difficult since the death of Liv in Emmerdale. Devastated by her loss, Vinny fell off a deep depression. Unable to find love again or turn away from gambling altogether, things appear to be improving for him with his sister’s 21st birthday approaching soon.

People are abuzz about this week’s episode as it promises to be quite emotional. We will get an up-close view of how the cast are faring since last time – there will likely be drama as well as some comic relief scenes!

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