Haley American Dad Costume

American Dad Costume – Hayley Smith-Fischer

Hayley Dreamsmasher Smith-Fischer is the 19-year-old daughter of Stan and Francine Smith from Seth Macfarlane’s popular animated series American Dad! She holds strong liberal views in opposition to her parents’ conservative ones, often clashing with them during arguments. Additionally, Hayley has an on-again, off-again relationship with Jeff Fischer which eventually leads to marriage in season six.

Her nicknames include “Sparky” and “Hayley”. She sports a purple hairstyle with fringe, as well as numerous hats and headbands.

She is an enthusiastic environmentalist, passionate about animals, and highly intelligent. She supports gun control, helps the homeless, and is vegetarian. Additionally, she uses marijuana and occasionally drinks alcoholic beverages despite being underage.

Hayley has an extremely liberal outlook, yet remains loyal to her family. Although she’s close with her mother, Hayley feels that her dad does not respect or listen to her opinions or advice.

Her brother Steve often remarks, “Hayley is my favorite person on the show.” She loves her family and will sacrifice anything for them. Additionally, Hayley holds a strong sense of justice; advocating that her parents should be allowed to live in the house with her and raise her.

Hayley is an activist who hopes to become a lawyer. She supports equal rights and women’s freedom of choice, as well as feeling that her family must do something to prevent the world from becoming like their home country.

She has a passion for music and loves playing the guitar and drums. Additionally, she enjoys spending time with her boyfriend Jeff Fischer.

When she’s not hanging out with friends, she likes to go the movies and play video games. Additionally, she enjoys reading, writing, and painting.

Her favorite book is The Art of the Tree by Charles Dickens, which she has read several times. Additionally, she owns a large collection of art from some of her favorite authors such as Edgar Allan Poe and Walt Whitman.

She has an obsession with ice cream. She especially enjoys vanilla-flavored varieties, and she has even created her own flavors like vanilla-chocolate fudge and chocolate pistachio.

In her free moments, she enjoys playing video games and watching anime. Additionally, she reads comic books and novels – particularly those that involve magic or the supernatural.

She has had many boyfriends throughout her life, all of whom she fell in love with. Some of these include Ian who plucked one of her hairs during a date and shaved it off in “The Return of the Bling.” Additionally, Hayley had an illicit relationship with Reginald Koala which ended when he got drunk and told Hayley she was his girlfriend.

She has also competed as a wrestler and hang glider. Additionally, her background in women’s history makes her an expert speaker, plus she serves on Groff Community College’s student government board.

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