Gus Hansen Net Worth

Gus Hansen Net Worth – How Much Is Gus Hansen Worth?

During his career, Gus Hansen has achieved a lot of success. He is one of the world’s most famous poker players, and has won many poker tournaments. He has also appeared on the World Series of Poker’s Walk of Fame. In addition to his playing career, Gus Hansen has also been a member of the commentary team for the World Series of Backgammon. He is also known for his aggressive playing style.

Gus Hansen was born in Denmark on February 13, 1974. His birthplace is Copenhagen. He went to UC Santa Cruz as an exchange student, and developed a fascination for poker. In 2002, he won his first World Poker Tour open tournament. In 2007, he won the Main Event of the Aussie Millions. In 2010, he won the World Series of Poker bracelet. He has been named the Fifty Sexiest Men by People magazine in 2004. He has also been featured in the 2007 film Redline.

Gus Hansen started to win more money in his professional career in the 2002 World Poker Tour Five Diamond World Poker Classic, where he won over half a million dollars. He then made a name for himself in the 2007 Aussie Millions by winning over half a million again. He was the first player to ever win three open World Poker Tour events. In 2008, he won the Five Star World Poker Classic, where he won $1.7 million. He is also a frequent player in the Big Game at the Bellagio Casino in Las Vegas. He is known for his aggressive play and his propensity for going all-in.

Gus Hansen is also very popular on social media. He has several social networking accounts, and he also has an official website. He also has an Instagram account, where he has posted about his trips to Europe. He is a very competitive player, and has been known to get emotional at tables. He is also a sports fan. He has coached many high-level sports professionals. He is also involved in bridge, chess, and backgammon.

Gus Hansen is still playing online poker. In March 2018, he played Pot Limit Omaha with Matt Kirk at Poker After Dark. He is also a regular player at Bobby’s Room in the Bellagio, where he plays in the Big Game. His total live cash earnings are over $10,258,051. In addition to his cash games, he has also been a part of the commentary team for the World Series of backgammon. He is also a spokesperson for Frank Q, a popular Danish fashion line for men.

While he has won a lot of money, he has also lost a lot of money as well. In fact, he has lost more than $20 million at online poker sites. He has also lost millions of dollars in live cash games. He has even admitted that he has lost over a million dollars in a single game. In fact, he has reportedly spent over six hundred hours in the Bobby Room over a period of 70 days.

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