Greys Promo Next Week

Grey’s Promo Next Week

Next week’s Grey’s promo will be an emotional one as fans bid farewell to Ellen Pompeo as Meredith Grey, as she departs after 19 years on the series. While fans are lamenting this change, Ellen Pompeo remains part of Grey’s as an executive producer and voiceover actress – potentially returning in Season 19 finale!

This promo will also preview an upcoming crossover episode between Grey’s and Station 19, as well as introduce new surgical interns – plus, there is sure to be an unexpected treat that fans will adore!

Pompeo may be exiting the series in February, but that doesn’t mean she’s gone forever!

She will only appear in eight episodes, yet will still play an instrumental role.

Her departure will certainly turn the show upside-down, yet it remains intriguing to witness what’s next for her character.

Grey Sloan Memorial has undergone dramatic change over the last several seasons, as many of its regular characters have either left the show or passed away – this can be deeply upsetting given that this show has always focused on Meredith and her storylines.

But Grey’s has kept growing, featuring new medical interns at Grey Sloan hospital and adding series regulars to its roster. Watch the video below to meet five medical residents at Grey Sloan who will appear in this year’s season of Grey’s!

As Grey Sloan medical interns, Alexis Floyd (Inventing Anna), Niko Terho (The Thing About Harry), Midori Francis (Good Boys), Adelaide Kane (Once Upon a Time) and Harry Shum Jr are competing to earn positions. All these young doctors hope to secure surgical internship positions.

They’re all trying to establish themselves in the medical world, but soon must face more challenging issues when working on surgeries and procedures. Furthermore, there will likely be life-threatening situations which lead to plenty of drama and tension-filled moments for everyone involved.

Meanwhile, Grey Sloan cast members will be working hard to keep up with their workloads while managing romantic relationships and seeking board membership. High-stakes drama will occur with Jo Wilson’s relationship to Atticus Lincoln, Amelia Shepherd’s blossoming romance with Kai Bartley, and April’s tenuous connection with Matthew Grayson all playing a major part.

As part of these new storylines, fans will also witness Addison Montgomery return from her break. Kate Walsh was given a recurring role on the show, making Addison’s return an exciting milestone in its history.

Grey’s Anatomy season 19 will premiere on ABC and Hulu on February 23rd, and Disney+ will release new episodes every week in the UK, Ireland and Australia.

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