Girlfriend 2nd Time Shared

Asking More Questions to Deepen Your Girlfriend’s Intimacy

Pro Tip: View every comment or answer as an opportunity for deeper dialogue topics. A one or two word reply could become an obstacle that prevents deeper intimacy in relationships; asking more questions is the ideal way to avoid these dialogue-killers.

Engaging in dialogue about her childhood interests or hobbies can provide valuable insight into her past and the way she developed as she matured, while creating opportunities to find common ground for future activities such as shared hobbies or trips that you both may want to take together.

Discuss Her Fears

Understanding your girlfriend’s fears can provide insight into her emotional state. Her biggest worry may indicate she is feeling trapped by their environment or is shy around strangers; knowing this information allows you to plan dates that keep your girlfriend safe and relaxed.

Ask Your Girlfriend About Her Role Models

Talking with your girlfriend about who her role models are can provide insight into both their values and personality. She may mention family members, celebrities or authors she respects – you could follow up by asking why or asking how she would like to emulate these individuals more closely.

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