Georgy Kavkaz Net Worth

Georgy Kavkaz Net Worth

Georgy Kavkaz is a YouTube star and a Russian chef. He makes his money through social media, particularly from his YouTube channel and Instagram. He has over 6.5 million subscribers on YouTube and over 800,000 followers from western countries. His net worth is estimated to be around $2 million.

Georgy Kavkaz is a Russian chef

Georgy Kavkaz is a famous chef from Russia who has a very popular YouTube channel. He was born in 1975 and grew up in a Russian family. Although he keeps his ethnicity a secret, his background has a strong connection to his cooking. He has brown eyes and black hair. As of 2018, he has over 700 thousand YouTube subscribers. He has a wife named Alesia and three daughters.

Georgy Kavkaz’s net worth is estimated at millions of dollars. As of 2022, he is 45 years old and lives in Russia with his family. He has two children, who were born at the time of his YouTube career. His father was a former worker for a private company in Russia, and his mother was a housewife. His sister is a teacher and a writer.

He is a YouTube star

As of 2021, Georgy Kavkaz is 46 years old. He has a height of five feet and ten inches, and weighs 84 kilograms. His hair is black and his eyes are brown. He wears size 10.5 shoes. As of this writing, his net worth is estimated to be several millions of dollars.

Georgy Kavkaz was a chef before he started his YouTube channel. He started his channel as a way to share his love for Caucasus food. He began posting videos on his self-titled channel on 18 August 2016. Although he speaks Russian in his videos, he adds English subtitles to every video to make it more accessible for audiences. In March 2019, Georgy reached his first million YouTube subscribers. Now, he has more than six million subscribers and 881 million total video views.

Besides his YouTube channel, Georgy Kavkaz is also active on other social networks. He can be found as @georgikavkaz on Instagram and @Georgi_Kavkaz on Twitter. Although the net worth and earnings of Georgy Kavkaz are not publicly available, his social media profiles suggest that he is earning millions.

He is a married man

Before making his YouTube debut, Georgy Kavkaz was a chef. However, he is not yet open about his wife’s name, age, or zodiac sign. Despite the fact that he is married, he is still active on social media. On Instagram, he is known as @georgikavkaz and on Twitter, he goes by the username @georgi_kavkaz. His Twitter account has only 146 followers.

Georgy Kavkaz is an internet star, who is best known for his food videos. His YouTube channel has accumulated more than 700 thousand subscribers. While he is a Russian citizen, he is of Armenian descent. He is married to Russian woman Alesia and has three daughters.

He earns a living as a chef

George Kavkaz is a YouTube sensation who earns a living from cooking and sharing his food videos. He has a fan base of over 700,000, and is regarded as one of the top chefs on the site. The 47-year-old chef was born in a Russian family, but has kept his ethnicity and family details private. He is married to a Russian woman named Alesia, and has three daughters and a son.

The YouTube sensation has three YouTube channels, including Life with Georgy Kavkaz, Food, and Georgy Kavkaz’s YouTube channel. His Life channel features full-length cooking videos and live streams of his food. His videos are usually around two hours long. According to YouTube, Kavkaz has more than 708k subscribers and over 135 million views.

His net worth is unknown

George Kavkaz is an internet celebrity, most recognized for his cooking videos. He has a large following on YouTube and has more than 700 thousand subscribers. He is a Russian and is of Armenian descent. His home city of Stavropol Krai is home to over 200,000 ethnic Armenians. He is married to a Russian woman named Alesia and has three children.

Georgy Kavkaz started uploading videos on YouTube on December 8, 2011. He addresses his fans in Russian, although he provides English subtitles. His net worth is unknown, as he is not very open about his personal finances. However, his videos earn him around $5K a month.

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