Georgia Man Kept Deceased Mother In Freezer

Georgia Man Kept Deceased Mother in Freezer For Years

Doris Cumming, 82 years old and living with her grandson Robert Keith Tincher III for months in Rome, Georgia, passed away suddenly at her home last week when police discovered her body inside a freezer. It appears that Robert Keith Tincher III dragged his grandmother’s body there by mistake.

According to the Floyd County Police Department, during an investigation the grandmother was discovered dead and wrapped in plastic bags. A criminal complaint filed against Tincher charges him with malice murder, aggravated battery and concealing the death of another.

Late in December, Tincher allegedly failed to seek medical help and instead pulled her through the house until she was shoved into a chest freezer. According to The Rome News-Tribune on Saturday, numerous bones were broken during this ordeal.

Investigators interviewed Tincher and learned he was afraid to call 911 due to terroristic threats made against his wife in 2018. He also expressed how much he loved his grandmother, believing she was still breathing and showing some movement when placed in the freezer, according to Floyd County investigator Brittany Werner to WAGA-TV.

A 47-year-old Georgia man is facing arrest after being caught keeping his own deceased mother in the freezer for years while collecting welfare checks and engaging in sexual activities with her corpse. Owen O’Reilly, whose mother passed away unknowingly in 2015, was arrested when neighbors spotted him washing her naked body with a hose in the backyard of his home, according to The Atlanta Herald.

O’Reilly, who had been keeping her dead body in the freezer to collect welfare checks, was accused of having sexual relations with her corpse when trace amounts of sperm were discovered on her. He admitted to police that he sometimes engaged in such behaviors when drunk or when his girlfriend “pissed him off,” the newspaper reported.

Furthermore, the court filing indicates that Bratcher will inherit her mother’s property upon death. This could explain why she chose to keep her body hidden for so long and use the property as a secure repository for her remains.

She had served in the military and received Social Security benefits. As a single mother with no other children, she had been receiving money from her mother’s estate for years prior to her passing away.

It is unclear how long she had been keeping her mother’s body in the freezer, but prosecutors allege she waited until one month after death before alerting authorities. At that point, she falsely claimed her mother had committed suicide.

According to Wood’s office, Jon Whiteford withdrew Faye Whiteford’s Social Security and retirement benefits after she failed to file a medical claim in over three years, something which federal agents raised as an alarm when asked by sheriff’s detectives why this hadn’t been done sooner.

He also rented a home and kept her body hidden there. Eventually, a deputy arrived at his residence to talk with him about her.

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