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Love After Lockup Season 5 Episode 5 – Gabby and Chris’s Relationship

If you love watching Love After Lockup, you’re probably wondering how Gabrielle and Chris’s relationship is going. The couple have been together for a while now, but things have been difficult between them. They’ve had to deal with the challenges of being a couple behind bars, and now they’re facing new issues when they get out. In season 5 of the show, viewers will see how the pair are struggling financially, and how their marriage is faring in the real world.

Gabby and Chris’ relationship is complicated by their families. Gabby has become furious with Chris’ family. Their family thinks that she’s a gold digger. Moreover, they’re worried about what Chris will do when he’s out of prison.

Gabby and Chris met through a cousin. When he was released from jail, they started to spend time with each other. But Gabby’s mother has a hard time accepting the fact that she’s spending money on a guy who is not her son. She also feels that Gabby has wasted Chris’s savings.

When Chris is about to leave jail, Gabby asks her friend to help her prepare a secret wedding ceremony. However, she finds out that Chris may still be involved with her ex. Chris’s ex also posts about Gabby on social media. This causes Gabby to get scared.

Gabby bought an engagement ring with Chris’s money. She also went through plastic surgery procedures. One of the surgeries included a botox procedure. Gabby also underwent eyelash extensions and lip fillers.

While Gabby and Chris are in the process of planning a marriage, their family does not seem to get along. Gabby is upset with Chris’s sister, Essie. Gabby feels that Essie is trying to keep her from Chris. Moreover, Gabby believes that Essie is making it hard for her to get along with Chris.

Gabby also plans to pick up Chris from jail on his release day, and enlists the help of her girlfriend, Felicia. However, the pair’s girlfriend does not seem to appreciate Gabby’s attitude towards her.

It seems like the love and passion between Chris and Gabrielle is getting stronger, but there are still a few more challenges they have to overcome. They’re both still unsure about what they’re doing in their relationships. And they have to figure out how to make their family happy while they’re living at home.

Meanwhile, Gabby has taken a job at a bottle service in Orange, New Jersey. She’s taking it seriously, though her partner doesn’t approve. So, will she continue to do this job?

As for Chris’s family, they don’t want her to marry Chris. Especially after he won a settlement of a hundred thousand dollars in a civil suit. They don’t know if he’s a con artist or not.

Chris’s ex, Felicia, has a negative opinion of Gabby. The two of them fight over their residence when Chris is released. Also, Chris’s mom accuses Gabby of golddigging.

With all these issues, the couple has to be careful about what they do. They need to maintain the same level of involvement they had while they were in jail, and they need to figure out how to be together while their parents are still alive.

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