Funny Car Sun Shades

Funny Car Sun Shades

If you love the Golden Girls, then you’ll love these funny car sun shades. These shades feature the four ladies of the show in the driver’s seat, the passenger seat, and the back seat. The colors are vibrant, and they’re sure to get people laughing. This sunshade will give your car a classic Golden Girls look.

Another funny car sun shade is one featuring the characters from the Rick and Morty cartoon. This one has a funny design and makes a great conversational piece. This sunshade pops up quickly and easily, and is packaged in a convenient storage bag. The great thing about these car sun shades is that they’re functional and can fit any car.

The sunshade is made from dense vinyl and blocks harmful UV rays from the sun. It can be fitted onto any vehicle, and can be folded when not in use. The sunshade is also available with different cartoon eyes. There are emoji cartoon eyes and cartoon panda eyes.

You can also find car sun shades that depict characters from TV shows and comic books. For instance, there’s the bee keeper sunshade, which features a car full of bees. Aside from blocking out the sun’s UV rays, this shade keeps your car cool in the heat. These shades are available in many sizes and can be stored in your car when not in use.

Another funny car sunshade features an image of a cat. This is a great choice for Tennessee Williams fans because it shows off her cool cat eyes. For Star Trek fans, there’s the Star Trek sunshade, which shields your dashboard from the cosmic rays. If you live in a city with a lot of sweltering parking lots, you might enjoy a tropical beach sunshade.

Funny car sunshades can add flair to your car, and they are highly functional and fun. With the right ones, you can keep your car cool and look great while you drive. Take a look at the options and get the one that fits your personality best. Enjoy! And remember to stay cool!

Sunshades made of elastic material can fit most vehicles, including cars, trucks, and vans. They’re also easy to install and don’t ruin your car’s paint. You can also fold them up for storage. And since these are 100% licensed, you can rest assured that they’ll protect your car from the damaging rays of the sun.

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