Funko Pop Care Bears

Funko Pops – The Care Bears 40th Anniversary Collection

The Care Bears are a beloved franchise that began on greeting cards in the 80s and became one of the most popular toys of the era. These adorable animals live in a Kingdom of Caring, where each bear is adorned with a special insignia. Their unique insignias reflect the focus of their individual lives.

Care Bears were cloud-like, cuddly creatures that sent messages of love and understanding. Perhaps the most famous Care Bear is Wish Bear, a blue bear with an enormous heart who is eager to make the wishes of children come true. These lovable characters have many fans and remain popular among children across the globe.

The Care Bears have been around since 1981, and they have been featured in movies, television shows, and merchandise over the years. Their core message of kindness has not changed despite their increasing popularity. The Care Bears have inspired generations of children to be kind and compassionate. In celebration of their 40th anniversary, Funko Pops of the famous bears have been created and will be available to purchase for all ages.

There are many different care bear collections. Champ Care Bear is a multi-coloured bear that represents a real-life sports star. The Champ Care Bear has a golden trophy with a star on it. This figure is three and a half inches tall and comes in a variety of different colours.

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