Fox 17 Dan Guthrie

Dan Guthrie, Weather Reporter at FOX 17

Dan Guthrie joined FOX 17 in February 2021 from KSL in Salt Lake City. The meteorologist graduated with a degree in Meteorology and a minor in Communication. He is a member of the American Meteorological Society and was awarded the Certified Broadcast Meteorologist Seal.

He enjoys perusing, voyaging, playing golf and investigating Uthan’s mountain in his spare time. He shares a lot of his travels and golfing adventures on Facebook.

When he’s not working, Dan Guthrie spends his time with his family and friends, including his daughter. They live in Nashville and love to travel the country together, including a few trips out to California.

On the job, he likes to give his viewers accurate and unbiased weather reports. He is a firm believer in the importance of education and helping people make good decisions based on weather information.

He also likes to share his experiences and travels with other people, including his fellow weather reporters and the general public. He also enjoys interacting with viewers on social media.

Currently, Dan is the meteorologist for the morning newscasts at WZTV Fox 17 in Nashville, Tennessee. He earns an average annual salary of $95,000.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Dan has been working as a meteorologist for a long time. He has over ten years of experience in the field.

The meteorologist has a large fan base on Facebook, and is known for his accurate and unbiased weather reports. He is also very social and interacts with his followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Dan is a devoted dad to his two daughters and enjoys traveling the country with them. He is also a big fan of his wife.

He has been working as a weather forecaster for several years and has won multiple awards. He is a member of the National Weather Service and the American Meteorological Society. He has also been involved in many volunteer activities.

His favorite part of his job is getting to know the people he works with and learning more about the world around him. He is also a huge fan of sports and loves to watch games.

On the other hand, he has a very strong opinion on politics and issues. He is a supporter of the Republican Party and believes in the values that are associated with it.

Aside from his work, Dan Guthrie likes to travel and is a big fan of the NFL. He is also a big fan of baseball and hockey.

He is a big sports fan and loves to watch games on TV. He is a very loyal fan and is always on the lookout for new sports events.

Dan Guthrie is married to a wonderful woman named Sara. They have two children and they both live in Nashville. They are both very happy together and love spending time with their friends and family.

In his free time, Dan Guthrie enjoys playing golf, exploring the city of Nashville and visiting the beach. He also likes to take pictures of his travels and share them with his fans on social media. He has also been a part of several charity events and shows.

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