Ezc Pak Net Worth

EZC Pak Net Worth

Ezc Pak Net Worth: Physician Formulated Immune Support Supplement

Dr. Sarath Malepati, a surgeon and entrepreneur, invented the EZC Pak. After pitching it on Shark Tank season 11, Kevin O’Leary agreed to invest $125,000 for 5% equity. Today it can be purchased through their website.

On an episode of Shark Tank, Malepati presented his product and attempted to convince them that it could help stop unnecessary antibiotic prescribing by helping individuals strengthen their own immune systems rather than simply mask symptoms. Furthermore, he wanted the ability to monitor patients through each pack to see its efficacy, something doctors cannot do with an antibiotic prescription.

Mark Cuban disagreed with Malepati, asserting that doctors’ family histories and experiences are better indicators of patients’ health than any product being pitched to them. Lori Greiner was similarly not taken with Malepati’s pitch; although she generally enjoys products that promote wellness by strengthening immunity systems, Malepati alienated her and so she decided against taking advantage of his offer.

The EZC Pak experienced an enormous surge in sales during the Covid-19 pandemic as people desperately sought ways to strengthen their immune systems and avoid getting sick. Since appearing on Shark Tank, the company has continued its rapid growth; annual revenues now stand at $4 Million! Their massive net worth demonstrates just how powerful partnering up can be in business.

The Ezc Pak is an all-natural immune booster designed to combat colds and flu. Suitable for anyone without an allergy to ragweed or dill, the product can be purchased online or from most local pharmacies. It is extremely popular amongst people who prefer natural products over synthetic medications, and is suitable for vegetarians and vegans alike. With a clear label and free of GMO ingredients, the Ezc Pak comes in various sizes from one pack up to 24 packs at once. This company stands behind their claims and product, and provides a money back guarantee as proof. Their EZC Pak can be purchased through Amazon and other online retailers; and boasts excellent customer reviews as well as high levels of professionalism.

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