Ez Care Moorefield Wv

EZ Care in Moorefield, WV

EZ Care is a medical clinic that offers urgent care services for walk-in patients with a minor illness or injury. These centers don’t require appointments and are open longer than most medical offices. Their medical providers are highly qualified and experienced in acute medical problems. They also offer healthcare as-needed, and their extended hours make them a convenient option for patients in the community.

Ez Care is located at 747 N Main St, Moorefield, WV. Their office can be reached through their phone number and key contact person. For directions, they have a map of their clinic’s location on their website. EZ Care also has an online appointment booking system.

Medical providers at EZ Care have years of experience in treating acute medical problems. They have the skill and training to diagnose and treat any health condition. All patients are treated by a doctor with extensive experience in the area of acute care. Whether it’s an injury or a cold, EZCare provides immediate treatment.

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